Vendera’s Reviews- Vocal Acoustic Monitor –

Vendera’s Reviews- Vocal Acoustic Monitor

Hello fans, I plan to start a review series for vocal products, first releasing blogs featuring reviews from The Voice Connection archives and will add over the next few months. We’ll start with the Vocal Acoustic Monitor:
If you want better personal monitoring and in-ears are not an option, or if you prefer a more intimate relationship with your audience, that in-ears sometimes takes away from, due to the absence of the sound of the audience, there is an amazing product that I highly endorse and
recommend (above and beyond cupping your ears) that is called the Vocal Acoustic Monitor.
Developed by musician and plastics engineer, Byron Cancelmo, the Vocal Acoustic Monitor or VAM,is quite possibly the most innovative development to come along in years. By using this affordable product during rehearsal and live, you have the double option of saving your hearing AND your voice from blowout.
This product makes singing lead or backup so easy. The VAM works on the physics of sound travel. This could be explained, but who wants to go back to high school anyway? To put it simply, the design of the VAM allows sound to travel naturally from one’s mouth to their ear. The beauty of this is that it frees the hands from cupping your ear. It easily attaches to a microphone or can be used as a hand-held device, useful for singing in choir. The VAM also takes a great percentage of strain off a singer’s throat just by amplifying the voice to their ear, thus not having to sing louder to hear their voice over the music being played behind them.
Here is a testimony from one of the first professional singers allowed to test the VAM-
“I have been an entertainer for close to thirty years, eighteen of them as a singer. I would spend my voice in a night to the point that I couldn’t muster a sound for two days following. With the VAM, I can and do sing as many as five nights straight without a tenth of the strain put on my voice as before. I also suffered a horrific injury to my right ear in a car accident back in November of 2006. I had a real pitch problem that I seriously thought would put an end to my singing career. The VAM amplifies my voice, not only so I can hear myself over the band, but so I can once again find the pitch. I have also gotten a lot more compliments on my voice since I started using the VAM. The VAM has truly saved my career.”
Brad Kahn (lead singer of 851jam)
This is truly the “physics of sound”. You will be amazed at how much this increases your ability to hear your own true voice when practicing,performing with a choir or even onstage with your band. I use this in my studio with all of my students, as a tool for my Isolation method from my book, Raise Your Voice second edition and I promote the product to all singers I am in contact with, both amateur and professional. The versatility of its adaptation from a hand-held to a mounted unit for your microphone or for hands-free monitoring or wireless microphone makes it perfect for any rehearsal or live situation. It comes in a variety of colors and several styles. You can learn more about the VAM at

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