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Vendera’s Reviews: UV Aid

As a vocal coach for many singers worldwide, I am not only always looking for ways to keep my singers in top shape vocally, but physically as well. For those of you who have read my book Raise Your Voice and Superior Vocal Health by Davbid Aaron Katz, you know just how important vocal health is in my vocal teaching studio. Touring and recording singers must stay at the top of their game to sing their best and that game can become inhibited when a nasty vocal infection sets in. Having the luxury of touring myself for vocal workshops, instructional video shoots, and television shows worldwide, I understand how difficult it can be to keep the immune system boosted on the road. In fact, I’ve fell prey to a nasty cold from the hundreds of people around me jammed into airports during travel.
One day as I was researching new ways to keep myself safe from germs when traveling, I stumbled across a new product called UV Aid from This little electronic device emits a UV light which can be pointed into the nasal, oral, or ear cavity. The UV light in turn creates hydrogen peroxide to kill infection. I’m sure many of my readers can recall pouring liquid peroxide onto a scrape or cut and watching it foam up as it kills infection, so there is no doubt that this claim is valid. However, I still needed to put it to the test…
I ordered a UV Aid to test it during a trip to Vegas where I was filming a series of instructional videos for a magazine. I hooked my UV Aid to my key chain (yes, it’s very handy and portable) and boarded the first plane. My sinuses had been a little stuffy a few days before and I had totally forgotten to use the UV Aid. As I was sitting on the plane I felt a small tickle in my throat. Adding to the stuffy sinuses, I did get a bit concerned, and then I remembered the UV Aid, which I hadn’t tried to use until this point. Regardless of the goofy stairs, I shoved the UV Aid into my throat and turned on the light. 20 seconds later, I allowed the UV Aid to visit each nostril…
Now the looks from other passengers were getting a little goofier. However, quickly going into my, “I was on MythBusters breaking glass” story, ending with, “I’m a vocal coach and the UV Aid prevents colds” the goofy looks turned to looks of curiosity and questions. I was asked if it worked. I swallowed hard and noticed the tickle was gone. So, my answer was YES. My sinuses were still stuffy, so I continued to use the UV Aid. By the time I landed, I actually felt great; the tickle had not returned and my sinuses were beginning to open up. I did however do a quick flush with the Neti Pot at my hotel room so that my sinuses were free and clear of debris, though the Vegas air was a little drying on the ole cords,but that was a job for my portable humidifier. I always come prepared, ha-ha.
Needless to say, this ingenious little device seemed to work. So, I kept it on my key chain. But wait, theeeeere’s more…. Every once in a while I develop sores inside my nostrils. I am not sure if it is from allergies, dryness, or irritation from pollutants, but it is flat out irritating! I had started to develop a small sore right inside my nostril a few weeks after the Vegas trip. I reached for my UV Aid to see if it would help because these little sores tend to last for several weeks and I wasn’t in the mood for an extended stay of an unwelcome guest. Honestly, I was shocked by the results. Within two days the sore was completely gone! I am now so impressed by the UV Aid that it is part of my daily routine and I’m sure I will be mentioning this product in my next book on voice.
In fact, I am so impressed with the UV Aid that I also picked one up for my good friend, Myles Kennedy (Slash, Alter Bridge). Myles is a touring freak and I figured he could use one on the road. Singers, you all could use one too! So head to

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