Vendera’s reviews-Sing Like the Stars –

Vendera’s reviews-Sing Like the Stars

Author Roger Love has been a voice coach for over 20 years. Starting his professional vocal coaching career at just 16, he has had the pleasure of working with top selling artists such as; The Beach Boys, The Jacksons, Def Leppard, Matchbox 20, Lisa Marie Presley, Motley Crue, Chicago, Mandy Moore, Wilson-Phillips, and many more. He has often been called the vocal coach to the stars. He is also a speaking coach; teaching professional speakers such as John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus), and Anthony Robbins. He has authored several books and created several videos, including the 1991 instructional video LEARN TO SING LIKE THE STARS, the 1999 critically acclaimed book and CD set, SET YOUR VOICE FREE, and most recently, a 1-hour vocal training DVD entitled LOVE TO SING. Our focus is on Roger Love’s most recently released book, SING LIKE THE STARS. This is a 145-page vocal instruction book filled with several illustrations. SING LIKE THE STARS covers a wide variety of vocal topics, including diaphragmatic breathing, vocal anatomy, proper diet, overcoming stage fright, and a 10 step singing system designed to drastically improve your singing voice. 
The book is heavily laden with professional performance tips from singers such as, Christina Aguilera, Luther Vandross, Brian Mcknight, Cher, and others. Roger uses a no-nonsense approach to vocal instruction. Anyone who reads this book is almost guaranteed to improve his or her singing voice in no time flat! There has been many books written on the art of singing and proper vocal technique, but none approach voice with such an easy to understand format. Roger has also developed a program called Love Notes; a perfected song dissecting system, which makes it easier to understand and sing the songs that you have always wanted to sing, but were too afraid to try.

As a bonus to the book, Roger Love has added a warm-up CD featuring the same exact exercises he teaches to all of his professional clients. The CD contains several audio examples for vocal instruction and a complete vocal warm-up for both male and female singers. I have personally tried the vocal warm-up CD for over a month. It is a quick, effortless routine that will loosen up your vocal cords and prepare your voice for hours of singing. Whether you have never had any prior vocal instruction, never used a warm-up before you sing, or are already a seasoned professional, you should definitely try Roger’s method. Singing is very physical. If you wish to have a long vocal career and want to keep your voice in shape, then you must warm up your voice before every performance. This is just like stretching out before running a race. I give SING LIKE THE STARS, and Roger’s vocal warm-up an A+++. I highly recommend this book as a must-read for any aspiring vocalist.

You can purchase your copy of SING LIKE THE STARS by clicking on the Products link. If wish to learn more about Roger Love and his voice teaching methods, check out his website

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