Vendera’s Reviews- Never Get Another Cold by Thomas Appell –

Vendera’s Reviews- Never Get Another Cold by Thomas Appell

Vocal coach Thomas Appell has released a book that will help singers to maintain a long and healthy career. The vocal coach and author of Can You Sing A HIGH C Without Straining, knew that he had to stay health and eliminate colds from his system in order to meet is teaching schedule and his research, which was for his persoal use, turned into the NGAC diet.
Even is a singer is fully confident, knows the material, and has conquered stage fright, the common cold can still affect your performance. In this book, Thomas discusses in great detail ways to help beat cancer, diabetes, aids, and everyday colds and infections, such as strep throat and laryngitis. The DVD reads just like a book, allowing you to flip pages with your remote control, with the choice of narration by the author or read alone files. There is also an author presentation, in which Thomas explains the basics of following this diet in easy to understand steps, with a full explanation of why this diet will completely change your health.  If you suffer from allergies, severe colds, sinusitis, sore throats, or other ailments, I highly suggest purchasing Never Get Another Cold, to get a grasp on your vocal health. Here are several testimonials from people who claim the NGAC diet has changed their life:

Mike Finnerty:
“I’m 46 years old, I’ve never been sick with the flu or bedridden with any disease in my entire life and I do exactly what Thomas says to do in his book.” (Note: Mike has never had a flu shot.)

Lucia Bartoli:
“I’m 60 years old. I’ve gone the last 55 years in a row without getting the flu and I haven’t had a cold in more than 20 years. I attribute my good health to following the diet Thomas Appell outlines in his book Never Get Another Cold, and credit the NGAC diet for a lifetime of good health and protecting me from colds and the flu.”

Rosanna Cenci:
I’ve been a schoolteacher now for eleven years, and every year I used to get sick with a cold or the flu during the flu season. But last year (2003) after I started doing what Thomas says to do in his book Never Get Another Cold, for the first time in my career as a teacher, I didn’t get sick with anything, and I haven’t been sick since.”

Jimmy Ramirez:
“I used to get sick practically every month with colds, the flu, and whatever else was going around. About a year ago I started following the diet Thomas Appell outlines in his book, Never Get Another Cold, and I haven’t been sick since. This book is far more effective than a flu shot could ever be.”

“The world has needed a remedy for the common cold and the flu for a very long time. Thank God that Thomas Appell has come up with a viable solution.”

Dr. Lawrence W. Cooke M.D., President of the Laguna Senior Medical Group, Inc., Laguna Woods, CA

Following is a newspaper article on Thomas from the Orange County Register:

From the Orange County Register, Friday January 28th, 2005 – YOUR NEIGHBOR

Man claims to have ‘foolproof’ diet to prevent flu

Editor’s note: “Your Neighbor” is a weekly feature in which we profile local people with interesting jobs, hobbies or personalities.

Name: Thomas Appell
Home: Coto de Caza
Age: 50
Born: Pomona, CA
Occupation: Record Producer, Vocal Coach and Author

Thomas Appell has written a new book titled Never Get Another Cold and developed the “Never Get Another Cold” (NGAC) diet. He also wrote the best-selling book Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining? and discovered a technique for singers to hit high notes without straining their vocal cords. He has lived with his family in Coto de Caza for six years.

QUESTION: What sparked your interest in the flu?

ANSWER: I personally hate getting sick. Can you imagine a world-famous vocal instructor being sick? You can’t be off. You can’t be like, I know you just flew in from Amsterdam or Paris, but I’m not feeling so hot. You have to be on all the time. I cannot stand being sick. I got to the point that I said this is a must, for yourself and your clients. Flu shots don’t work. They only provide protection about last season’s strain. If a new strain comes into the area, you’re toast. I wanted something that was foolproof from colds, sore throats, the things that plague singers. And I found it.

QUESTION: Do you have a background in nutrition?

ANSWER: I don’t. In fact, in my book there is a quote that I like to use to illustrate that often medical findings have proven to be dead wrong. But you can’t argue with changed lives. America doesn’t have a disease problem. What we have is a discipline problem. Rather than taking people with a string of PHDs after their names who have studied dietetics and medicine, I said, ‘I don’t care how much research you have done in a lab setting; when was the last time you’ve been sick?’ If you haven’t been sick in the last 20, 30 years, then I’ll listen to what you have to say because you’re doing something right. I knew going to a lot of physicians and taking a lot of classes wasn’t going to do it. I knew that talking to people was the key.

QUESTION: What sets your book apart from other diet books?

ANSWER: One of the problems with people who have done this in the past is that they write dense, 350-page books full of medical terms that nobody can understand. I wanted to make this fun so easy to read that even a fourth-grader can get it. The book tells you how to stop cold and flu viruses dead in their tracks by following a simple diet. It’s the same diet that’s highly effective at insulating your body from cancer. If your body is set up this way, (a virus) isn’t going to survive. Viruses can only survive in an acidic environment, so you end up eating a lot of acid-neutralizing foods. An illness can’t survive in a body that has that balance. Until now, it’s been said there is no cure for the common cold. That is true. Once you have a cold, you can’t cure it, but you can prevent it. Never Get Another Cold is available in a new media form I pioneered. It’s an illustrated book on DVD, which is really cool. I’m planning on having a printed version too, but I’m a technology buff, so the DVD format really appealed to me.

QUESTION: What was a defining moment in your life?

ANSWER:I have a degree in engineering but I was fired from my first engineering job for refusing to lie for my boss. It was a very reflective time for me. I was sitting by myself reading my Bible, and I came across this part toward the beginning that said ‘If you observe and do all of His Commandments which I command you to do this day… the Lord will bless you in all that you set your hand to.’ Since I had just gotten fired for following one of God’s commandments, I knew this applied to me. I thought to myself, ‘What would be my dream lifestyle?’ It definitely wouldn’t be engineering. It would be training singers. So I said a humble prayer and asked God for help. Fifty days later, I gave my first voice lesson. I did my part and did research, of course, but God dropped into my lap one of the greatest secrets in the world of singing – how to sing high notes without straining. It didn’t come from me. It came directly from God. Now I have this new book and discovery about how to stop colds and the flu. It all started with me refusing to lie.

QUESTION: What tips would you give to aspiring singers?

ANSWER: Take voice lessons. You’ve seen ‘American Idol.’ A lot of the kids that Simon tells: ‘You suck, you’re a waste of my time, you have no talent.’ But they don’t suck. They’re just untrained. You can have a great voice that’s untrained, and it’s going to sound terrible. It’s like giving me a Stradivarius violin. If I tried playing, it would probably sound like a cat meowing. But if I took violin lessons, with training and practice I could bring out the gorgeous tones that Stradivarius is capable of making. Most people can’t sing well on their own. They don’t have a lack of talent, they’ve got a lack of training. To sound great their voice just needs to be developed. I see people like that every week. 

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