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Vendera’s reviews-Jim Gillette’s Vocal Power

Back in the 80’s, if you wanted to be the lead singer in a hard rock band you’d better be able to scream and hit all of the high notes. At that time, there were few choices for vocal instruction. Vocal teacher Seth Riggs had released a vocal training program geared towards pop singing, but nobody had ever released a training program that focused on teaching singers how to sing heavy metal. That was until Jim Gillette entered the scene. Jim Gillette’s Vocal Power is a classic vocal instruction training video based upon solid vocal technique that he learned from teachers of classical music. Jim, formally of the band Nitro, teaches you step by step the exact same exercises he used to develop his amazing six octave range. He has achieved amazing results with his voice, including sustaining notes for seemingly endless amounts of time, and shattering crystal wine goblets by the power of his voice.

Jim makes the video fun to watch, entertaining you with jokes throughout the video, which in my opinion makes the program more approachable. However, Jim takes his program very serious. The program starts with an exercise for proper breath technique, which is the foundation for singing, followed by a series of vocal strengthening exercises. All the exercises are performed by Jim and thoroughly explained in easy to understand directions. The video contains several vocal exercise programs from beginner to advanced. Each workout builds and expands upon the previous, with more intense exercises as you progress, for a more demanding workout.

The program does not get into the mechanics of singing; it is strictly a vocal strengthening system based on Jim’s unique scales. The way the scales work together help a singer to build the muscles needed to sing higher notes in full voice, not mixed voice of falsetto. I personally use these scales when I teach and I’ve even given vocal lessons to Jim’s kids, using the exact same scales.

Jim Gillette also presents several tips throughout the video for maximum vocal success. He demonstrates the power of his amazing voice and also shows several live clips from performances with his band Nitro. The video ends with his “secret” exercise for hitting high notes and answers to several questions he has been asked about his voice while touring on the road.

If you are looking for a great workout program to strengthen your voice, I highly recommend this video. As a bonus, the video comes with a CD that contains all of the vocal workout programs. This exercise program is a great warm-up for any vocal performance. If you’d like to purchase Jim Gillette’s Vocal Power, go to

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