Vendera’s reviews-Can You Sing a High C without Straining? –

Vendera’s reviews-Can You Sing a High C without Straining?

The three most important coaches in my career were Jim Gillette, Elizabeth Sabine and Thomas Appell. Can You Sing High C without Staining by Thomas Appell is an incredible vocal training program by a very gifted author and a gifted teacher. Before reading Can You Sing High C without Straining, I had no idea how the vocal cords truly functioned. This was my first introduction into vocal cord adduction and abduction, as well as the functioning of the cords almost “zipping” together in order to attain higher pitches.
Thomas explains the anatomy of the voice in easy to understand principles, teaching a vocalist how to extend the range of his or her voice. Once you understand the process, you’ll realize why so many singers can hit high notes with ease, and why so many struggle.
The book is full of information covering topics such as, improving your vocal tone, eliminating breaks and cracks in your voice, correct breathing technique, developing vibrato, developing your own original style, improving your speaking voice, and eliminating hoarseness.
Included with the book are three CD’s, covering vocal examples, vocal exercises, and the secrets of successful singing and speaking, an introductory DVD video lesson for both male and female and two bonus CDs featuring two other books written by Thomas including his critically acclaimed “Never Get Another Cold”.
I have had the pleasure of taking two taped lessons via mail from Thomas, along with many, many phone conversations. I had sent him a tape of myself singing in 1993. At the time I was singing really high, but mostly in falsetto. Thomas showed me how I had a really strong lower register, but I would skip my middle register to avoid the break area, and then jump way up high in falsetto. He made me realize that I actually had a lot better voice than I had realized and wasn’t I reaching my full voice potential by avoiding this area. Through several conversations with Thomas, and through the help of his book and program, I had taken another step toward vocal realization.
Even if you are a fan of my program and already use it, I still highly suggest you buy this program because it works hand in hand with my Isolation Method exercises. Thomas’ vocal scales are not for the weak, because they WILL make you work and they WILL strengthen your voice. Do yourself a favor and check out one of my all-time favorite coaches at

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