Vendera’s reviews-Blue Mikey Iphone/Flip recording microphone –

Vendera’s reviews-Blue Mikey Iphone/Flip recording microphone

Over the years I’ve recorded many interviews for my The Voice Conncection and I’ve always used a basic digital recorder from Radioshack. But with the advancements that have been made with companies like Apple, people can carry around great digital recorders right on their cellphones (ala IPhone).
Being a fan of Blue Microphones, I had heard they were releasing a new ittachment for recording enthusiasts. who owned ipods, iphones of Flip video recorders. I knew I had to have one. So I got my Blue Mikey and I like it so much, I ditched my old digital recorded and now carry the Mikey with me wherever I go. It is great for recording interviews, mental notes, virtually anything you have in mind.

For those of you whose interests are now peaked, the Blue Mikey is simply a REAL microphone for iPod users that offers stereo sound recording (comparable to some near field recorders on the market) which lets you hear a low-volume preview of whatever you’ve just recorded. The Mikey is made with the same technology that supports their large line of microphone capsules, so you are assured of excellent quality. The Mikey is ideal for recording jam sessions, concerts, interviews and hall lectures.

It features a rear-mounted three-position switch that can adjust the gain for recording at different distances, plus an indicator light on the front that shows which of the gain levels is on.

The Mikey can flex in 45-degree increments through 180 degrees which allows users to lie the iPod on it’s back or allow it to stand up for recording with the Mikey serving as a base.

The Mikey features a wraparound metal grill that acts as a wind screem for the stereo condenser microphones breathe, thus minimizing hissing and popping. Combined with Blue’s “Bluefire App, which can be found in the Apple App store, the sound quality is very good, giving a warm lifelike sound to vocals.

At this point in time, it does not feature a USB port or input for musicians who’d like to record their guitar for instance, but I don’t believe that it was their goal a this point. But after reading this review, I am sure they will be on it. Bottom line, the IPod needed a solid recording microphone and who better to create on than a prestigious Microphone company.

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned “iPhone”. That’s because the original Mikey wasn’t created for the iPhone, but in case you are wondering, it DOES work for the iPhone when you put your cell in airplane mode.  With that said, it has now been optimized for iPhone usage and will be upgraded sometime this year.

If you are a musician, concert lover, college student and you need a great means of recording and you own an iPod or iPhone,  the Blue Mikey is your smartest choice for great audio quality!


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