Vendera’s reviews-Blue Eyeball –

Vendera’s reviews-Blue Eyeball

Online video conferencing, although it has been around for many years, has been growing in popularity not only connecting with loved ones, but as a legitimate means of training, performing and teaching online. No longer does distance pose a problem for a person who wants to meet with their boss, see a loved one overseas or study guitar with a professional. Now all you have to do is fire up your computer, attach a webcam/microphone, connect to a video conferencing program and you are in business.
I guess I can say I am a veteran of the online conferencing community. This method has allowed me to train singers in Austalia, Japan, France, Tahiti, and many other countries. I have been teaching online for years and I have watched the techology grow and become more reliable. A few years ago, I would have had problems with video/audio latency as well as dealing with pixelated video due to the generic webcams that were available at the time. Fortunately for us, technology advances rapidly and with the improvements of audio/video conferencing capabilities through programs such as Skype, it was only a matter of time before the hardware ( would have to catch up.
As a coach, I sought out the best webcams and microphones to give my students the best online video/audio experience possible and I’ve had to upgrade many times. I’ve tried many webcams over the years and liked a few of them, though I always used a separate microphone as no webcam had sufficient sound quality for what I was doing. Chatting with an old friend for fun via Skype is one thing, teaching voice online is another. Luckily Blue Microphones knew that the online community was begging for a superb webcam to meet the needs of professional conferencing. If you plan to teach online, or jam with a friend, you need the right equipment. The Eyeball, by Blue Microphones is that piece of equipment; it was created to suit the needs of people who want to take online conferencing to the next level.
The Eyeball features a 2-megapixel video (with retractable lens) and an HD pro quality condenser capsule for superb audio. It’s unique design allows you to sit it on your table or attache it to your laptop/ desktop screen. It works for both PC and Mac and contains it’s own drivers for easy plug and play capabilities. You can fold it up, stick it in your pocket and take it with you for conferencing out of town, on vacation or on the go. The quality of this webcam is so superb that I no longer use a separate microphone set up and I am recording a how-to video series with it. The only problems I face are dealing with my own lighting. if the camera didn’t record so clean, I don’t think the lighting would pose much of a problem, haha.
So whether you are a Skype enthusiast catching up with old comrades or are a serious instructor who wants to branch out into the digital world, pick up a Blue Eyeball today and change thetway you see/hear over the web!

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