Vendera’s reviews- Airborne –

Vendera’s reviews- Airborne

I discovered Airborne® at a local drug store when I was looking for a new way to help me beat my cold. Since then, I have used Airborne® before I take plane trips or attend meetings with large groups of people.  In fact, I used Airborne®  during our vocal worskhop trips to Bahrain and Australia in 2010 because it works! Following is a description of Airborne® and a list of the ingredients.

Airborne® is technically not a cold medicine, rather it is a dietary supplement. Airborne uses a effervescent formula to provide 100% immediate absorption of its 17 herbs and nutrients. What makes Airborne such a popular health product is that it actually works! Airborne can both help prevent colds and also shorten the length of a cold.

There are two ways to take Airborne. First, take an Airborne tablet as a cold prevention – before entering crowded, potentially germ-infested environments. Places like airplanes, offices, stores, shopping malls, classrooms, subways, buses – okay during the winter months just about anyplace is germ-infested! In any case, one Airborne tablet will provide 3 hours of protection against the common cold.

The second way to use Airborne effervescent tablets is to take them at the the first sign of a cold symptom. If you catch the onset of a cold quick enough, you will be able to prevent the cold from turning into a full blown nasty cold. If you feel that itching in your throat and start to sneeze, take the Airborne cold remedy right away.

Victoria Knight-McDowell, an elementary school teacher who was sick of catching colds in class and on airplanes*, spent over five years developing AIRBORNE with a team of health professionals. AIRBORNE was created by combining seven herbs** (each with a specific function in Eastern medicine) then putting them through a patented extraction process, and THEN combining them with a unique formulation of amino acids, anti-oxidants and electrolytes. An effervescent carrier was used, as a way to deliver the nutritional benefits of AIRBORNE to the system immediately, and without the bulk of conventional pills. There’s nothing else like it!

Do bacteria and viruses get resistant to herbs the way they do to drugs? There is no known bacterial, viral, or fungal “resistance” to complex herbal formulas. Some of these formulas have been used for thousands of years with no evidence of waning efficacy. The Chinese medicine text, the “Nei Ching” is estimated to have been drafted in 200 a.d., and contains formulas that are still used effectively for infections today. The “resistance to resistance” of Chinese and other herbal formulas, is thought to occur because there are several herbs in each formula, and each herb has many complex plant alkaloids. This complexity is believed to be too much for the “bugs” to process; it is much easier for them to adapt and “outwit” the simpler “one item” pharmaceuticals. According to certain health experts in America and abroad, traditional herbal medicines may soon be our only weapon against bacteria, like staphylococcus–“staph”–that are fast becoming resistant to antibiotics!

AIRBORNE Original: ingredients.

Supplement Facts: Serv size 1 tablet. Servings, 10. Amount per serving: Calories 4, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 230mg (10% DV*), Total Carb 0g, Sugars 0g, Protein 0g. Vitamin A (100% Acetate) 5,000 I.U. (100% DV*), Vitamin C 1,000mg (1,633% DV*), Vitamin E 30 I.U. (100% DV*), Magnesium (Sulfate) 40mg (10% DV*), Zinc (Sulfate) 8mg (55% DV*), Selenium (Sodium Selinite) 15mcg (21% DV*), Manganese (Gluconate) 3mg (86% DV*), Potassium (Bicarbonate) 75mg (2.5% DV*), Organic Herbal Extracts (Lonicera, Forsythia, Schizonepeta, Ginger, Chinese Vitex, Isatis Root, Echinacea) 350mg (DV**), Amino Acids (Glutamine, Lysine) 50mg (DV**). *Daily Value.

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sorbitol, Potassium Bicarbonate, Orange Flavor, Mineral Oil, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium

You can purchase Airborneâ at GNC and several pharmacies. If you cannot find this product, you can purchase directly from one of their websites.

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