Vendera’s Review- Q-Link –

Vendera’s Review- Q-Link

Many years ago, I discovered a company called Q-Link®, which has brought some sanity, mental focus, improved energy and peach of mind to my being. Q-Link® technology has since become a staple in my everyday online teaching, creative writing and performance. Q-Link® IS the “Mental Focus Performance Enhancer” that every musician, athlete, artist, writer and generally anyone who needs more mental clarity and less stress should have if they wish to take their professionalism to the next level. Let me tell you my story; once you read this blog, you won’t need convincing:
I have a very hectic schedule, which involves 24/7 of work, including teaching voice online, marketing, running several websites, writing books, developing workshops, writing more books, creating more workshop, occasionally doing a television show, and did I mention writing books and teaching voice? I am a very high-strung, mentally creative go-getter. I have new ideas for products and projects every single day. In fact, I must keep a diary just to keep up with my creativity. I honestly don’t think I sleep; I believe I dream solutions so I can keep working while snoozing.
The only problem with my schedule and my personality is that my stress levels on a scale of 1-10 balance out at 11. I live on mental stress and physical stress, both of which can lead to emotional stress. Speaking from experience, I know that multi-tasking on several projects at once can and WILL wear you down. Trying to juggle multiple projects will leave your head spinning like the exorcist.
Many years back I knew I was heading down the stress spiral and I HAD to find a solution. That solution involved a variety of changes in my life from change in diet, min-naps and work breaks, meditation, etc. But my main stress and mental anxiety reared its ugly head mostly during that time spent at my computer with a dozen windows open. Doing what I do, I live at my computer, and on my cell phone, which is scary in more ways than one. Not only does sitting in a chair all day staring at a 17” screen with an iPhone strapped to your head turns you into a mental and physical Humpty Dumpty; it also puts you at risk of cellular damage as a result from EMF exposure. Am I an expert in the field of damage created by EMF exposure? No, I can just go on what I’ve heard, but when you feel completely drained and zombified at the end of the day and you ear is burning (not from someone talking about you) from holding a cell phone to your head all day, it makes you wonder if those little waves are frying your brain.
I have a great massage therapist who works on doctors and professional racehorses and is so in demand that a new client is put on a three-month waiting list. She is also a fan of Q-Link®, which is how I learned about the company. Q-Link® is a technology based on what is called Sympathetic Resonance Technology™. SRT™ is based on the fundamental scientific discovery that every physical system has fields of energy that permeate and surround that system. My therapist told me she was concerned with my high anxiety levels and went onto to explain that my system wasn’t functioning at peak performance, which was evident by the tension in my muscular system, as well as my racing mind, which was evident by my speaking voice, which sounded like an auctioneer. She explained that our cells actually vibrate at a frequency and are always in motion. They create a “resonance” so to speak and when that resonance is in harmony, my physical endurance and mental focus would be greatly enhanced. Q-Link® provides a way to enhance that frequency:
SRT™ is actually an array of proprietarily identified frequencies that support and enhance the efficiency and performance of various organic and inorganic systems. Biological, electrical, chemical and other physical systems influenced by SRT applications exhibit increased functionality, coherence, structural integrity and other positive characteristics and benefits. SRT has proven its effectiveness in a wide range of experiments, including trials at UC Irvine, University of Vienna, and Imperial College London, all of which demonstrated significant effects on living systems.
This information was enough to peak my curiosity so I thought to myself, “What do I got to lose?” I bought a Q-Link® pendant and began to wear it everyday. This was four years ago. I haven’t taken it off since…
So what DOES Q-Link® do to a person’s body?
Though every wearer’s response to Q-Link products is unique, the most commonly reported benefits include heightened energy, more rapid return to centered emotional balance, enhanced physiological (physical, athletic, mental, spiritual) performance and output, increased well-being and quality of life, deeper more restful sleep and greater stamina and vitality.
For me, it wasn’t a revelation. In fact, I didn’t notice a huge difference, but other people did. I was told I became more focused, and more passionate about what I do, more energetic and inspiring, without an erratic edge, which I usually portrayed do to being “high-strung”. I think Q-Link® actually helped me to put side-blinders on so that I could focus on the project at hand and see it from end to finish, even when multi-tasking. I wasn’t bouncing off the walls to hurry through a project. I discovered “quality” as opposed to “quantity”. I also noticed that I could sleep through the night. No more tossing and turning, worrying about my next days work.
Am I still high-strung and energetic? Why yes, yes I am. But now I am a focused laser beam as opposed to a can of spray paint blasting out in all directions. And I believe that the ideas that come to me daily are of more quality now.
Who is using Q-Link®? Everyone! Top golfers from the PGA believe it improves their game and focus, professional baseball players, actors and actresses and musicians from bands such as Led Zeppelin and Thriving Ivory wear Q-Link® because Q-Link® IS a performance enhancer; it helps clear your mind and boost your energy to find your game and inner rock star. If you are a musician who is serious about turning on a switch to improve your song writing and improving your stage endurance, Q-Link® is NOT a should have product, it is a MUST-HAVE product!
I personally have tons of Q-Link® products, including some cool jewelry from their Equilibrio® line, which features belt buckles, crosses and dog tags. My original Q-Link® was the black acrylic pendant which I still wear, but I like the look and feel of the jewelry, so I do wear their bracelets, titanium and silver pendants as well as a cross. More is not necessarily better. You only need one to get your “tuning fork” vibrating and multiple products do not increase the enhancement. However, I do use a Nimbus®, the newest ‘active’ product in the Q-Link® line, which plugs into a USB port on your computer. I do this simply because of my long days of teaching voice and working on my computer. 
The Nimbus® supplies a 30’ radius stress free work environment, that reduces EMF stress…My entire studio benefits from the Nimbus®, including students that study with me in person as opposed to online lessons. I do feel that the Nimbus® has affected my working environment in a positive way and as I am writing this review, my Nimbus® is plugged into my laptop.
Who can benefit from Nimbus? Individuals spending any amount of time in front of a computer, including online students and teachers, office workers, students or entire classrooms, IT professionals, writers, graphic artists, business people, jet-setting laptop users, teachers, gym members and fitness facilities, and many others.
Whenever I have a new student, I first tell them that if they plan to take music seriously, and plan to study with me, Q-Link®, whether a pendant, bracelet or Nimbus® is a very important part of improving the quality of the musicianship and performance, while protecting them from EMF…Qlink has helped me to focus on writing new books, improve my teaching methods and enhanced my ability to shatter glass with my voice. What can it do for you?
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