Vendera Vocal Academy coming soon –

Vendera Vocal Academy coming soon

Alas, I have been a busy coach and I haven’t blogged for months, so it’s time for catch-up. This year alone, I’ve released many new books including, Raise Your Voice 2: The Advanced Manual, Unleash Your Creative Mindset, and Reclaim Your Voice. As well, I have just finished writing my 19th book today. Time for editing and book cover design:) I’ve also written six articles for a new book for singers to be released some time this year. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal whom the author/publisher of this really cool book is at this time, but you’ll know soon enough.

I’ve also been traveling. My latest trip was to Las Vegas where I filmed some vocal instructional tip videos for Guitar Interactive Magazine. The magazine edition with my cool tips should hit the shelves within the next month.

I’ve also been busy with my own band, VENDERA, ( and we’ll be performing for the first time together as this group on August 16th. As well, the show will be filmed by my Beyond the Voice vocal video production partner, Sean Daniel of Sean Daniel Media.

Now for the main reason I am writing this blog…I figured it was time to let the cat out of the bag. We are soon launching the Vendera Vocal Academy, an online school that will focus on helping all singers, regardless of style, increase their range, improve the quality of their voice, hone their vocal chops, and much more. The core of the studies will be based on my books and audio/video programs, but there will be much more to this school than just book learnin’.

 As well, my fellow coach and Vendera Publishing author, Valerie Bastien will be joining the Academy as a vocal instructor.  However, I shall not unveil all the details concerning the Academy just yet. I’ll keep my friends and fans guessing as to what creative ideas will be part of the Academy. C-ya next blog.

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