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Vendera Reviews: Strong Songwriting by Morgan Cryar

Strong Songwriting (by Morgan Cryar)
How to write songs that grab listeners and launch careers
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Melanie Griggs*

  Over the years, I’ve searched for songwriting books to help me improve my craft. I’ve checked out a variety of songwriting books but never quite finished reading any of them as they never fully appealed to me. But, this book was the first songwriting book I’ve actually finished reading. What I’ve found when I compared its content to bits and pieces of the other books I’ve scanned is that this one, in my opinion, stood alone.

Sometimes I’ll choose to read a quick section out of the book just so I am able to write. It’s just that good.

Morgan Cryar’s style of writing is very different than you will find in most song writing books. He explains his book in a way where you will feel as if he is right there teaching you. I’ve worked with him for a few lessons myself and his book definitely reflects his teaching style. He is easy to follow and besides that you probably won’t be getting writer’s block after working with this book. Which I’m sure most people would love to live without.

Morgan explains the importance of ALWAYS having your ears tuned to listen for any ideas that could be turned into songs. And being prepared to capture those ideas. If an idea is not written down or recorded in some way you may as well have lost it.

What may be the most important idea to grasp from this book is the ability to tell a story from your songs. Books, movies,and songs, they all have one thing in common. They tell a STORY. Being able to do this while allowing your listeners to feel different emotions during your songs is a required skill in songwriting. You need to be able to ask yourself, what would you see or what would you feel in this situation? If you let you your songs fall flat with no emotion, high points, or conflict then your songs will never be noticed.

Morgan also takes a different view on how you should add melody to your songs. He has two methods, both which require no instruments. I was very familiar working this way because I started out as a singer not knowing how to play any instrument. So even if you are a singer alone then you still will be able to write songs from this book.

Also included are some chapters on demos, business, live performance etc. This book contains all you need to get started as a songwriter or help you become an even better writer.

Plus there are two bonus booklets included which are: Instant Beginner’s Luck For Songwriters and Writing a Killer Bridge. This is a full course in songwriting. Don’t miss out on all this book has to offer.

Strong Songwriting is available as an E-book as well as paperback.

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