The Vendera Digital Vocal Coach is Here –

The Vendera Digital Vocal Coach is Here

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After 8 years in the making, my Vendera Digital Vocal Coach is finally here. And I can honestly say that is has already changed the was that I teach other singers and train my own voice. The original concept as described in Raise Your Voice was an all-encompassing software program for PC. But after thousands of dollars lost, failed attempts (albeit good attempts) to create this product first as a software program, and finally as an app based on the changing of times, the program has been released as Tuned XD to stay in the branding of the company, APPS XD (makers of DrumsXD). As of now, it is out only for iPhone with the iPad version less than two weeks away. But, we are in the planning stages of designing it for other platforms such as Android.


To learn all about this guitar tuner/pitch trainer/glass breaker/vocal scale generator/2-track recorder/stopwatch/tabata training timer/metronome/7-octave pitch wheel/decibel/frequency meter, and audio/frequency waveform scope, go to



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