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Unleashing my Creative Mindset through Fiction

Hello, my name is Jaime Vendera. Many of you might know me as the author of “Raise Your Voice” and “The Ultimate Breathing Workout” which are just two of over a dozen books I’ve written. Both are considered among the top vocal training books for singers worldwide. Others might know me as the guy who shatters wineglasses by voice alone on television shows like MythBusters and Dr. Oz. While others might know me as the vocal coach for bands like Dream Theater. But, few know me as the guy who needs a creative outlet 24/7…Besides writing new books for singers, developing a new online vocal academy, creating audio and video training programs, as well as writing songs with my own band, VENDERA, I also like to dabble in the world of fiction. 
In 2011, I created 711 Press with my good friend Daniel Middleton. Daniel (scribefreelance.com) has been my interior book designer for years and shares the same passion as I do for reading fiction. Yet, we both have limited time to read. Therefore we created a new outlet for readers. Movies and TV shows in book form. Our books are literally condensed to delete all filler so you are left with pure action and dialog. Our movie books can be read in under three hours (same time as watching a movie) while our TV books can be read in under an hour per “episode” with thirteen episodes per season.

As I said, my creative mindset is continually working non-stop. Not only do I have a new idea for a vocal product weekly, but I imagine incredible fiction stories in my head that I would love to read for myself. That’s what I get for doing the Mindset program from my own book, ha-ha. Still, as I said, Daniel and I have limited time, so when we started 711 Press, we started a dream team; Daniel and I work with a select group of authors that we personally hand-picked for 711 Press. Together, our dream team creates fiction story concepts spanning most genres (horror, adventure, fantasy, spy-thriller, etc.) Then, our small team of authors writes the stories under our supervision. This allows me another creative outlet besides teaching and singing, without bogging me down with hours of writing, which is very rewarding. 

I wrote this particular blog because I am very excited to be working with one of our newest authors, Melvyn Riley. In reality, Melvyn and I have been working together for nearly two years now, having released two TV books- “Age of the Sigil: Seasons One and Two”. The Sigil series is a fantasy line for teens. I would consider it our “Lord of the Rings” or “Sword of Shannara” for kids. Since I’m such a fantasy nut, loving the works of authors such as Terry Brooks and Cinda Williams Chima, developing fantasy fiction books was the best possible creative outlet for me. We are now currently working on Season Three and the very first episode (for all you Sigil fans) is mind blowing! FYI- for all my singers, you should know that plotting fiction is an excellent tool to help enhance your lyrical writing as well.

Since “Age of the Sigil” is doing so well, Melvyn and I have branched out with our fantasy plotting to create a series for our movie book line. Our newest teen fantasy series, “The Tales of Spitfire” is a cross between “Harry Potter” and “Dungeons and Dragons.” Spitfire is slated for eleven books with the first two books in the series due out this year, 2013. I’m very excited about this launch and I truly love these books. 
So, in ending, I just want to thank Melvyn for coming aboard and hanging in there with me as I present my crazy fantasy ideas, bizarre characters, and magical creatures. I hope that all my fans will check out both “Sigil” and “Spitfire” at 711press.com. To read more about “Age of the Sigil” go to http://711press.com/age-of-the-sigil/. You can stay updated on the release of the “Spitfire” series at  http://711press.com/current-titles/. See you next blog:)

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