The VenderaVox Trainer Kit –

The VenderaVox Trainer Kit

Hello singers, The VenderaVOX Trainer kit is now available. For those who have been waiting to order, order your VenderaVOX HERE.

For those still curious about this amazing vocal warmup and training device, read on:

Let me start by saying that my latest book, Rebalance Your Voice goes live for sale next week. This book covers how to use the VenderaVOX trainer, specifically how I inspired DoctorVOX to create new products, which ultimately lead to the creation of VenderaVOX trainer.

These products are now used on tour and in the studio by singers from bands like I Prevail, Starbreaker, XYZ, Skyharbor, Starset, Dream Theater, and many more.

This 100-page book also explains how to use the VenderaVOX Trainer kit and covers my new “Vocal Weightlifting” method for building amazing vocal strength.

We are only shipping out (at a special price) what I currently have left in stock and only to singers in the US for our initial launch…and that number has now shrunk to less than 40 due to dozens of pre-orders. This first batch is $179.00 with FREE shipping.

Once the first batch has sold out, we will open to worldwide distribution at the regular price of $189.00 plus shipping.

(FYI-Once we sell out the order page will have notification that the stock is sold out.)

The VenderaVOX Trainer is THE ultimate toolkit for warming up and rebalancing your voice in record time. It is what I have been using to regain my voice after my glass shattering accident in Tokyo, Japan, which lead to vocal nerve damage (a subject I cover in the book).

Without the VenderaVOX Trainer, I would not have been able to sing FALLEN, my new single by my band, Angel Fire East. What? Haven’t heard it? Check out the Angel Fire East interview in Episode #65 at The song is at the very end of the podcast.

The VenderaVOX Trainer Kit will include:




*14″ LaxVox tube

*Blue lanyard

*VenderaVOX T-shirt

*Autographed copy of Rebalance Your Voice

Also included with the book will be a member’s section with bonus training videos.

If you have previously placed your order, the kits are scheduled to be shipped by mid-April.

If you wish to purchase your VenderaVOX Trainer kit, go to THIS LINK

Get ready to warm up faster and easier than ever before and build amazing vocal strength in the process!

Jaime Vendera

Grab your kit before they are gone!

Remember to specify your T-shirt size when asked:)

UPDATE: First batch of VenderaVOX trainer kits have been sold out. New batch has been delivered. Pricing is now currently set to $179.00 plus shipping US and Canada only.

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