The Key to Unleashing Your Artistic Creativity –

The Key to Unleashing Your Artistic Creativity

Attention authors, musicians, artists, anyone with the will to create…are you ready to unleash the floodgates of creativity within your mind? In Unleash Your Creative Mindset, I show you exactly what I’ve used to keep the creative ideas flowing day to day and permanently stamp out writer’s block. Creative Mindset is the newly revised version of Mindset: Programming Your Mind for Success, which I released years ago, completely rewritten and updated based on what I’ve learned by using my own Mindset program. Within the pages of this book, I’ll explain a simple, yet effective three-point process to make your mind explode with new creative ideas. Those three points include:

1. The Mind/Body Process- A methodical system which takes only minutes to release mental & physical stress.
2. The Four-Minute Miracle-A simple, super quick meditative like approach to clear your mind and begin programming your mind like a computer to overcome procrastination and keep you focused on your goals.
3. The Mindset Diary- This is your new daily diary, unlike any other because you’re required to answer five questions each day, writing the answers down in your journal. These question will inspire you to reach your goals, take pride in your accomplishments, and come up with new ideas every single day!

Does this program work? In one word- YES. Because of the Mindset program, I’ve opened my creative floodgates wide enough to inspire me to write fifteen of my own books, co-write many others, plot out dozens of fictions stories for, create iPhone apps, come up with new ways to train singers to effectively increase their range in minimal time, and take my own voice to extreme heights by shattering glass on television shows all over the world, including China, Japan, England, Germany, France, and of course, the US on shows such as MythBusters and Dr. Oz. All of my adventures are based around my creative love for singing and writing and the adventure has been turbo-charged by Unleash Your Creative Mindset.

So, if you have a passion whether it’s writing, music, surfing,( the list goes on and on) use Unleash Your Creative Mindset to turbo-charge your hobby or your passion to take it the next level. What you love in life will suddenly bring you even more enjoyment, and, you never know, it may just end up being your new career:)

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