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Superior Sinus Health

Hey singers, just a little log to tell you about a new spray I found for singers who suffer from sinus issues, I, being one of them. When I sneeze, it is like a cat stuck on repeat. I will sneeze 60 to 70 times. It is the one thing tat really messes up my voice. I’ve been a Neti Pot user for years and it indeed helps, but I still needed something this year to help me overcome these random sneeze fests I’ve been having.

Luckily, I found it with Sinus Cleanse from Directly from their site, SVH states that,

“Sinus Cleanse is the first of it’s kind, Nasal Spray. This new formula from SVH may have an immediate, dramatic and direct impact on the Sinuses. It was created for intense, as well as common issues voice professionals and consumers have to deal with, such as: Allergies, colds and flu congestion, dry Sinuses and Nasal passages and to help prevent as well as combat Sinus and Nasal infections.

It’s an extremely powerful formula that’s full of beneficial and extraordinary herbs in one bottle. Sinus Cleanse helps keep your Sinuses and Nasal passages moist and may instantly help open even the most clogged Sinuses, in order to drain them, expand breathing and aid in optimum Sinus Health. The result is a true Cleanse of the Sinuses!

Some of the most potent and powerful of these herbs and ingredients, include Grapefruit Seed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Propolis, Himalayan Sea Salt and Cayenne, just to name a few. Superior Vocal Health has made life easier for everyone with the introduction of Sinus Cleanse & it’s time to “Meet Your New Neti Pot”!”

As for me, I can attest to its power. I’ve been spraying Sinus Cleanse up my nose for a week now and my sinus passages are much clearer…and I haven’t had a sneezing fit since I started! That was my main concern. I was afraid that even using the spray would make me . Surprisingly, the herbal combination is gentle on the sinuses. I didn’t even notice a tickle, which generally happens with cayenne-based sprays.

So, I’ll be taking this new SVH product, along with my bottle of Vocal Immunition (a subject for another blog) to Mumbai India at the end of August when I am teaching a group of Bollywood singers how t have “Superior Vocal Health”!!!

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