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Beyond the Voice Series

FINALLY a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand vocal instructional video series that will train you right in your own home!

For years, fans of glass-shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera's vocal training methods have requested a video series explaining his unique voice strengthening methods as taught to thousands of singers worldwide. That request is finally being given life in the Beyond the Voice series, based on techniques from the best-selling books, Raise Your Voice and The Ultimate Breathing Workout.

The Beyond the Voice video series is the visual guide to strengthening your voice, extending your range, and improving your tonal quality. This video series will cover concepts including advanced methods for using Jaime's Isolation method, mastering your breathing technique, vocal health & exercise tips, as well as techniques for owning the stage and studio. 

Beyond Stage Presence

In Beyond Stage Presence, Jaime Vendera walks you through steps to make your stage show flow. In this instructional video, simply follow along through a series of coaching chats covering topics such as how to prepare for the gig, what to wear on stage, what equipment is best for singers, how to build set lists that flow, simple steps to overcome stage fright, the easiest method to developing your own stage moves, as well as how to connect with you band and your audience.

Through Beyond Stage Presence, you'll learn the four steps to create a great stage performance: Practice, Preparation, Presentation, and Participation, so that you own the stage every time you perform. Not only will Jaime teach you these concepts, he will also demonstrate them as well. Your stage presence must be trained as well as your voice, and the easiest way to become a better performer is by mastering the concepts presented in Beyond Stage Presence.

Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout

Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout  brings to life the exercises from Jaime Vendera's book, The Ultimate Breathing Workout, covering the nine-exercise breathing system, as well as guiding you through the breathing bonus exercises, including the Breath Builders and Applied Breathing Isometrics, as well as explaining how to use the PTD-1 Breath Trainer and introducing you to the best herbal combination for opening the sinuses and lungs.

These breathing exercises will NOT make you a better singer. However, they will strengthen the singer's fuel tank, training the body how to best utilize and support air-flow, thus minimizing the need for excess air in order to sustain longer, louder, or higher notes.

Enjoy this comical, wanna-be-Zen-like video and become a breathing machine!

Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warmup

Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up is an hour-long instructional video, which takes you on a visual tour through the pages of Raise Your Voice 1 & 2, covering Jaime Vendera's Vocal Stress Release and Vocal Stage Prep programs, with bonus tips, tricks, and tactics for cooling down, as well as useful warmup tools for singers, and other methods of keeping the voice, body, and mind warmed up all day long and "in the zone" for a perfect performance.

This is the warm up method for the singer who wants to maintain their voice night after night of performing, during rehearsals, and in the recording studio. Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warmup is the same method used by singers like James Labrie (Dream Theater), Brian Burkeiser (I Prevail), and countless singers, and can be applied to all styles including rock, gospel, opera, blues, pop, and country.

To assure that you understand all the concepts in this training video, Jaime has included a PDF guide to walk you through the #1 "ultimate" vocal warmup routine in the world!

As a free bonus, you also receive the original 40+ minute version of Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warmup, which contains a vocal exercise routine walk-through that goes hand-in-hand with the new version of Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warmup.

Get two videos (and PDF) for the price of one to begin owning your voice day in and day out!

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