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Extreme Scream #1

Deth Metal, Grindcore, & Screamo Vocals

Are you frustrated with boring vocal instructors who claim they can teach you how to scream-sing the right way, but only show you boring scales? Do you want to learn how to scream, growl and ROAR! in the style of bands with aggressive 'unclean vocals' like White Chapel, Shadowsfall, Lamb of God, Divine Heresy,  Arch Enemy and All Shall Perish--or even melodic metal screamers such as Disturbed, Linkin Park,  Avenged Sevenfold, and Godsmack, to name a few?

Do you want to strengthen your voice and scream effortlessly for longer periods than you've ever been able to scream-sing before...and do you want to do it in a fun way that's motivating AND won't hurt or damage your voice?

Look no further. This intense, 45 minute (90 minutes for the entire program), 120+ MB downloadable MP3 audio lesson is what you need.

Extreme Scream #2

Grit & Rasp Vocals

In this intense 30-minute lesson, you'll discover proven grit/rasp vocal techniques and tips that will show you how to properly apply “heat” to your vocals in the style of Metallica, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and more, all without damaging your voice. Learn how to add low grit, midrange grit. smoky/breathy grit, grunge grit, and blues growls” to any rock /metal singing or screaming performance for maximum effect & flavor.

As in Extreme Scream Volume #1, this lesson will NOT be teaching you vocal scales. Instead, you'll be practicing along with Jaime to a metal music soundtrack, which makes learning Jaime’s vocal techniques fun and easy.

This lesson will also cover all the misconceptions about grit & rasp and reveal the fundamental secrets and key ingredients that can help you effectively (and safely) transform your own vocal performances into scorching-hot, chainsaw-ripping, muffler-rumbling, grit masterpieces.

Whether you are a rock singer or a metal screamer, the grit/rasp techniques discussed in this lesson can be applied to any style of music you sing or scream. 

Extreme Scream Volume #2: Grit & Rasp Vocals is a 30 minute downloadable MP3 lesson that comes with a bonus outtakes video and an Extreme Scream II cheat-sheet for quick reference of the secrets to mastering each type of grit & rasp Jaime discusses.

Metal Falsetto

In this amazing new vocal screaming lesson, "Metal Falsetto: The Devil's Scream", Vocal Coach Jaime Vendera (Extreme Scream, Raise Your Voice, Metal Vibrato) explores the piercing, hypersonic falsetto vocal techniques of Black-Metal legend, King Diamond as well as other artists, such as Justin Hawkins of the Darkness.

Jaime shows you practical tips on how you can add this metal version of falsetto to your vocals for ear-splitting sonic flair and effect. Plus, he also shows you how to easily transition from falsetto voice to natural voice (without breaking) when hitting those upper-register notes, screams & shrieks - giving your screams an entirely different sound & effect.

Metal Falsetto is the perfect companion to Extreme Scream #3 (to be released in early 2020).

In fact, Jaime highly recommends that his students use the techniques found in both programs in order to consistently reach King Diamond-register screams.

Extreme Vocal Stamina

Vocal stamina is the ability to sing for long periods of time while maintaining superb vocal quality. In other words, to be able to start off great, and end the night (or session) even better - night after night after night, without your voice, becoming weak, or hoarse.

If you’ve ever felt vocally weak by the end of a short live set or a few takes into a recording session, lack of vocal stamina may be your problem. But, the good news is there’s a fix!
In this conversational and informative 1-on-1 vocal lesson, vocal coach Jaime Vendera breaks down the four steps to achieving Extreme Vocal Stamina, help get you on a daily routine to achieving your goals, and even dispel a few long-held voice myths! You'll learn how to condition your mind, body, AND voice to achieve vocal stamina in a way that's challenging yet fun.

But, vocal stamina isn’t just learned, it’s earned! As in all of Jaime's voice lessons, you'll be expected to put these techniques & teachings into practice every day to build up your stamina. This is what separates good singers from amazing singers...are you up for the challenge? Do you want to take your vocals to new heights? Then check out Extreme Vocal Stamina!

Rock&Metal Singer's Vocal Warmup Routine

Introducing, Jaime Vendera's Rock & Metal Singer's Vocal Warm Up Routine - 7 deadly vocal warm up exercises that will help you slay any audience!  Following in the footsteps of the Extreme Scream vocal tutorials, Jaime Vendera has created a symphonic warm up routine - just for rock and metal singers - that focuses on vocalizing right along to REAL music in the style of rock and metal songs.

This ain't your parents boring old vocal warm up routine! No way! This is a psycho, insane wall-of-sound featuring melodic rock/metal tracks designed not only to get the blood flowing to your vocal cords, but to get the music coursing through your veins and the adrenaline pumping before you ever hit the stage or the vocal booth. NOW, your vocal warm ups will be easy, fun, and will ROCK!

As usual, Jaime will guide you through these vocal warm ups and explain all the basics of his proven, revolutionary vocal techniques - which keep his glass-breaking voice in peak condition...and will do the same for yours, too. You'll also receive a bonus e-book manual to walk you through each lesson + a separate MP3 file with all of the music tracks for you to practice to, on your own, without Jaime's instruction.

In this informative, intense and fun vocal warm up routine, Jaime shows you his most deadly vocal warm-up exercises that will warm up and strengthen your voice in no time. You'll learn:

  1. The Bubble Gargle - The Bubble Gargle is a simple combination of Lip Bubbles and the Gargling Tone exercise - which are covered in Jaime's best-selling book, "Raise Your Voice." When Lip Bubbles are combined with the Gargling Tone exercise, you create two focal points for your tone-your lips and your soft palate. This takes the focus up out of the throat, placed on the palate and lips, which allows you to easily warm up the voice and prepare your singing voice for proper vocal placement.
  2. The Straw Warm Up - This warm up is one of the best ways to quickly warm up the voice because it puts a cap on the amount of breath that can be released because the sound is funneled through a straw and then halted by water. When the water begins to bubble, you’ve minimized the overload of breath release.
  3. The Pharyngeal Fire Exercise - The pharyngeal voice resides somewhere between full voice and falsetto. Jaime's glass shattering vocal coach, Jim Gillette, once told him that the pharyngeal tone was the key to singing crazy high notes like metal singers from the '80s. He also said that the pharyngeal sound actually lives right between that split-second area where your voice cracks from your full voice into falsetto, and that the key was to master singing in between those two tones, right within that split-second space, when singing in the ultra-high range. This exercise will allow you to sing in that area.
  4. The 5 X 5 Vowel Workout - The 5 X 5 Vowel Workout is a breath building exercise and MORE. With this exercise, Jaime is actually training you for range extension, too. Want to gain more range in your singing? Who doesn't right? Well, this exercise will help you warm up your voice AND help you gain range! 
  5. The Consonant Crusher - This vocal exercise is a real tongue twister, but it is an excellent way to prepare you for real singing. Hang tough, stay in full voice, and watch your voice become stronger!
  6. Double Do Re Mi's - The Double Do Re Mi’s follows the basic Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do pattern we all learned in music class as kids. However, we perform our Do-Re-Mi’s in a minor key AND we do it twice per pitch. This exercise is another tongue twister but will quickly warm up your voice and prepare you for singing on stage.
  7. The Woah-Yay Wail - The Woah-Yay Wail was added especially for all of you rockers who love to scream, “Woah” or “Yay” on those high notes. What better way to end your warm ups than by vocalizing on a few words that you’ll soon be screaming out to your audience! Still, this is not an easy exercise. Stay in full voice and try to make the sound just as cool as it would sound when screaming, “Woah” or “Yay” out at your gig. Once you’ve mastered this tricky exercise, you'll be ready to rock the stage!

Regardless of whether you sing in a cover band covering Creed to Def Leppard, Ozzy to Fozzy, Led Zeppelin to Lamb of God - or in an original act that performs classic rock or metal - this warm-up routine from vocal coach Jaime Vendera will help strengthen your voice, increase your range, and build up your vocal endurance in no time.  

Rock&Metal Vibrato

Welcome to the latest Extreme Scream MP3 vocal lesson, Metal Vibrato, where you’ll learn how to add powerfully fluctuating, elongated notes to your songs for dramatic flair & powerful effect--just like legendary metal singers like Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Axl Rose (Guns & Roses), Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), and a slew of other metal vocal masters do.

In this exciting new lesson, master vocal coach to the Metal gods, Jaime Vendera, is going to teach you a combination of top secret metal vibrato techniques including four types of vibrato- pitch, jaw, larynx, and stomach vibrato.

Range and power, although super important, will only get you so far. If you want to really stand out from other singers, you MUST master voice vibrato - and in this lesson, Jaime will show you how to master it!

Pssssst- While the focus is metal, this lesson works for ALL music styles, from pop to country to R&B....but as with all Extreme Scream lessons, we’re going to set your vibrato exercises to kicking’ Rock & Metal backing tracks to make learning vibrato fun and easy. This 'aint your typical rock vocal lesson. Not even close!

It’s time to separate your metal screams and wails from all other singers by becoming a metal vibrato master. Own your voice and own the stage today with the Rock & Metal Vocal Vibrato lesson!

The Ultimate Vocal Warmup 

Welcome to YOUR new Ultimate Vocal Warmup. This warmup is the most unique warmup I’ve ever created in my 20+ years of training singers and speakers. It is the exact warmup I personally use when performing on television shows in Europe, Japan, China, and touring for vocal workshops in The USA, India, and Australia. It is also what I use each morning to warm up my voice for the day, as well as before rehearsals or recording.

The Ultimate Vocal Warmup simultaneously combines vocal exercises with the Vocal Stress Release program (from my book, Raise Your Voice). By vocalizing while stretching and self-massaging, you'll release physical tension within the entire instrument (your body) as you increase blood-flow to the vocal cords. Whether you're a speaker or a singer, this is the most effective way to prepare your voice for peak performance.

  This 12-exercise, 15-minute warmup is used on the road by pro singers worldwide. Starting with lip bubbles and working up into full voice, it is THE ultimate warmup for serious singers!

Program consists of 15 audio mp3s and one PDF.

Vocal Mindset 

Vocal Mindset is a 40-minute  guided meditation  program created by vocal coach Jaime Vendera and motivational world renowned speaker/hypnotherapist, Matt Adams, (aka Max Action) that was specifically for users of Raise Your Voice and The Ultimate Breathing Workout. This program helps to motivate your mind to master Jaime Vendera's vocal program, build self-confidence and overcome stage-fright.

Vocal Mindset II

Vocal Mindset II is a 30-minute  guided meditation program created by Jaime Vendera and motivational world renowned speaker/hypnotherapist, Matt Adams, (aka Max Action) that was specifically designed to take you to the next step beyond Vocal Mindset; it was designed for singers who want to own the stage. This program is very similar in concept to Vocal Mindset, but focuses more on the artistry side of stage performance while helping you find your inner voice. For best results, alternate between Vocal Mindset and Vocal Mindset II.

Voice RX Warmup 

The Voice RX Warm Up is a series of sing-along vocal scales by Jaime Vendera that work hand in hand with Voice RX 2nd Edition. Based on the "Lip Bubble" exercise, each scale is designed to bring more blood flow to your vocal cords while easing sore throat pain and re-establishing your voice. This warmup program can also be used with the VenderaVOX Trainer. Bubble along with Jaime so you can sing/speak tonight!