Singers need a stage performance workout as much as a vocal workout! –

Singers need a stage performance workout as much as a vocal workout!

When was the last time you went to a concert and were blown away by the singer’s voice, but bored to death with their movement on stage and failure to interact with the crowd? Sadly, I can name several singers that have left me visually numb when attending their concerts. It’s sad when I saw a well-known band performing live but the singer and even the band seems unexcited to be performing. I mean, how can you keep a fan base if you fail to get each and every person attending your concert dancing or raising their fists in the air in excitement, as they shout out the lyrics to your song and feel the energy coursing through their veins? It’s a sad sight to see…

So, I asked myself, “Why do some singers work so hard on their voice, but fail to put any thought into the live performance aspect?” That is when I decided to create my new program, “Beyond Stage Presence.” This instructional video covers the four main aspects of turning a boring frontman into an amazing live performer:


Don’t be “that” singer, my friends. Be a singer that excites the crowd!!! This goes for ALL the musicians in your band! Give a live performance that will have your fans to come see you again and again. So, not only must you work your instrument daily to improve as a musician/singer, you must also start thinking of the visual aspects as well. Luckily, by learning about Practice, Preparation, Presentation, and Participation, you CAN turn your live show around AND get you more gigs! Want more dedicated fans? You better learn to wow them, not only with your voice but the overall look of the band, the way you move on stage, and the way you interact with your band and the crowd. If you’re ready to leap to the next level and become the frontman you always are at him in your room in front of the mirror with the music blasting to eleven, then check out the Beyond Stage Presence Video at


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