Shattering Glass in China –

Shattering Glass in China

Just got back from a trip to China where I appeared on a live television show where China was searching for the King of Vocal Power-someone who could scream loud enough and high enough to shatter a wineglass. People traveled from all over China to attempt this feat including China’s reigning screamer, a man affectionately titled “China’s King of the Vocal Power.” Many asked if I thought I could do it. Guess they never heard of  me, haha. One lady said she’d appeared on another tv show attempting to shatter glass. She said she couldn’t do it, so she believed it couldn’t be done…

After an hour of screamers attempting to shatter glass, I got my turn…I shattered three in a matter of minutes, bring my count to 142 by voice alone. This Chinese show comes on the coattails of a show I filmed for Maverick Television/Discovery Channel called “The Superhuman Showdown”, where I shattered two glasses at the Guitar Center in Columbus Ohio, One at the OSU college horseshoe stadium and had a team teast my voice at the end of the day. I registered at 128 db screaming out a Soprano A# after the day of screaming. Video of my vocal cords showed them in perfect condition, no wear and tear. The main ENT from OSU said they one uncanny thing about my voice was that the muscles on each side of my vocal cords were well developed and he said I was living proof that one could sing rock, scream, and add grit to one’s voice without causing permanent damage:)

Needless to say, it’s been a fun few weeks. If you’d like the see the Chinese show, click HERE. Be forewarned, it’s nearly 90 minutes long and is entirely in Chinese except for when you hear me speak:) But, it was a fun show, one of the most enjoyable to do, so it will be fun to watch.

I’ll keep you posted on the Discovery show, which should be out in a month or two:)

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