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Hey singers, Jaime Vendera here, and what I am about to share IS vocal insanity! Lots of new developments I had to share:

We’ve just launched James Lugo’s new book, Vocally Insanity, which features the method he teaches to singers worldwide based on what is called the pharyngeal voice and blend voice. I’ve personally tried this program and it rocked my socks off. This is for singers who want that awesome bite in the higher range that singer like Robert Plant, Katy Perry and Chris Cornell have. The book is to the point, with no filler, and comes with an audio program for both male and female.

Learn more about Vocal Insanity at http://venderapublishing.com/new-releases/.

I am also giving away the Ultimate Vocal Warm up 15-minute downloadable mp3 to those who purchase the Sing Out Loud 4-book vocal training system. Though this system is for teens and new singers, EVERYONE will learn something from this system. It is a straight forward program that breaks down vocal mechanics into “assignments” to walk you step by step through discovering your voice and developing your voice as well as covering tips for owning your voice and owning the stage. This is THE perfect gift for someone you know who wants to learn vocal technique. It features a variety of “noises” to help you discover the resonance and power of your voice which I started using during my vocal workshops when I was touring the Middle East and Australia. Learn more here.

Heads up, we are also about to expand the Rock & Metal line at screaminglessons.com, so keep an eye out! Got one heck of a workout coming your way soon!

Last but not least, don’t forget that this is the final week for you to be added to a list to receive an automatic additional 25% off my next video, Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout. If you buy The Ultimate Vocal Warm Up instructional video this week at it’s discounted price of $19.97 (regularly $24.97) before September 1st, you will be added to a list to receive the discount code that will allow you to purchase Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout for only $14.97 when it is released. Don’t miss this opportunity. Check it out here.

Hope you enjoy the new product line. We do not release books by other coaches unless I full endorse them, so you can be assured that I 100% endorse authors such as James Lugo, Valerie Bastien, Elizabeth Sabine, and Dr. Timothy Jameson. Good luck with your singing careers!

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