Is Jaime Vendera a Singer? –

Is Jaime Vendera a Singer?

Hey friends, it has been a while since I’ve blogged. Figured I’d dive head first and answer ALL of the questions I am constantly receiving via email to clarify all things “Jaime Vendera” First and foremost YES I am a singer, but my coaching life has taken the majority of my time over the past decade, along with that glass shattering thing. So, let me share everything that IS Jaime Vendera to answer all questions:


Jaime Vendera is a Singer

Yes, kids, I sing, or else I wouldn’t be doing what I do. I’ve heard the comments for years about, “he doesn’t sing, therefore it’s all hype, blah, blah, blah.” Listen, when you’re as busy as I am, singing gets left behind sometimes. I’ve been badgered for years by people to have me put something out. I knew I’d eventually get to it, but wasn’t in a rush. More importantly, I just don’t care what people think. Many singers like Jim Gillette, Tony Harnell, Terry Ilous have heard me sing. I was fine with that:) However, I did throw together some songs with three of my best friends a few years back. Some clips from that time are featured in a video I released called Beyond Stage Presence, which is an instructional video on how to perform on stage. As fate would have it, my good friend, guitarist/songwriter Scott Stith has encouraged me to start writing again. We just released our first song, LISA, on iTunes, and it can be heard at I honestly didn’t think anyone would like it because it is not a hard song to sing and in the lower part of my range. But, we’ve gotten great response from it. We are now recording several more songs with producer, Dallan Beck, that will be a wee but higher and grittier;)


Jaime Vendera is a World Record Holder

Though I am not listed in Guinness World Records, I am officially the first singer ever documented on film to have shattered a wineglass by voice alone. That happened in 2005. I’ve since shattered over 160 glasses by voice alone and over 80 with amplification. I’ve been featured all over the world on over 50 television shows performing this feat. I’ve even created an app, called Tuned XD, which has virtual wineglasses you can shatter. It can be set to easy or as hard as it is for me to shatter them. And yes I REALLY do use Tuned XD to train my voice to shatter glass! BTW-my vocal coach Jim Gillette taught me to shatter glass to carry on the glass shattering torch which he started years ago when he was in a band called Nitro. As well, I am the ONLY person endorsed by Jim to teach the scales from his vocal training system, Jim Gillette’ s Vocal Power. This program has sold thousands since the 1980’s and continues to sell well.


Jaime Vendera is a Vocal Coach

I’ve been a vocal coach since 1996. I’ve trained thousands of singers personally, through my books like Raise Your Voice 1& 2, The Ultimate Breathing Workout,PractiSING,etc., as well as through my online school, Vendera Vocal Academy. I’ve trained singers from 5 years old to 80, including many rock and pop starts you may know such as James LaBrie from Dream Theater and Kevin Rudolf. I’m the official vocal coach for Guitar Interactive Magazine. My series, “Jaime Vendera’s Vocal Bootcamp” is one of their highest viewed…and this is a guitar site! I’m even endorsed by companies like IK Multimedia and TC Helicon, which features products I demo in workshops around the world and in my online school.


Jaime Vendera is a Dean of an Online Vocal School

Indeed I am! I created VenderaVocalAcademy so that singers from all over the world could access my methods. Speaking of which, just to clarify any misconceptions created by third parties; I DO have a vocal method. It is called the Isolation Method. Anyone who has read my material or trained with me would know this. So, VVA was created and formatted in such a way that you get hundreds of videos, audio files, and PDFs covering vocal training, music theory, vocal health, and so much more. It literally is like attending a college for the voice, albeit a really cool one;)


Jaime Vendera is a an Author of Dozens of Books

I am a writer by heart. I’ve written and co-written dozens of non-fiction books through Vendera Publishing on subjects from voice, to the creative mindset to self-publishing. I am always writing and even working on two new books as we speak.


Jaime Vendera is the Co-Author/Producer of Dozens of Fiction Books

My brain is alive with ideas and believe it or not, I enjoy writing fiction more than non-fiction. However, since I am so busy, I teamed up with Daniel Middleton to create 711 Press, and together we conceptualize dozens of stories from fantasy like Age of the Sigil to horror like Flight 666 to mafia joints like Mafiosi. Though we do have writers, it is our ideas that are fleshed out. In fact, enjoy our first book, The Crisis Artifact for free by joining the 711 Press Mailing List.


Jaime Vendera is the Creator of the Beyond the Voice Series

I wanted a video instructional series. So I teamed up with Sean Daniel Media to create a video series for singers that was fun and educative. is the fruits of our labor. Sean now films my Guitar Interactive videos and has started working on a YouTube tv show based on all I do…Coming soon;)


Jaime Vendera is the Creator of the Extreme Scream Series

This instructional audio series is something I’ve planned for years with ES partner, Shawn Fields, to teach singers how to scream and add grit without hurting their voice. Very few coaches understand this concept. Luckily, I’ve been screamign ACDC since the 80’s and figured out how to do it without hurting my voice.. So far we’ve release Extreme Scream 1&2, The Rock & Metal Singer’s Warm Up Routine, and we’re currently working on two new products for the line. They are available through Vendera Publishing.


Jaime Vendera is the Brainchild of the Ultimate Vocal Training App, Tuned XD

Ah, one of my favorite productions yet! In my book, Raise Your Voice, I’d spoken about an idea I had called the Vendera Digital Vocal Coach. Unfortunately, it never came to fruition. Many failed programmers and thousands of dollars lost, I’d given up, until I met Ken Ludden, creator of Drums XD. Scott and I were working out MIDI parts for a song and ran into some trouble with the Drums XD app, so I called Ken. One thing led to another and BAM, he was programming my idea for the perfect digital vocal coach, which featured nearly a dozen tools for the singer, including a 7-octave pitch wheel and virtual glasses to shatter for improving power and intonation. This app has literally changed the way I practice and teach! Check it out at


So there you have it; I’m a singer, vocal coach, world record holder, television star, workshop conductor, Dean of my own online school, writer of non-fiction books, producer of fiction books, producer of instruction videos and audio programs, and app designer. Now you know why I am so busy:) Hope this has clarified some questions. Now that I am back to blogging, I promise to keep it up and bring some fun informative blogs to the tables. C-ya soon!

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