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Jaime Vendera is coming to Poland!!!

Vocal Strength & Fitness Workshops

Jaime Vendera

(MythBusters, Raise Your Voice, Tuned XD)


Scientific Secrets of the Singing Voice Workshop

Dr. Ilter Denizoglu

(doctorVox, pocketVox)


Glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera is returning to Krakow, Poland to teach his techniques for voice strength and stamina training. Jaime is also proud to announce that NVP (Natural Voice Perfection) is welcoming Dr. Ilter Denizoglu, creator of the world’s #1 singing rehab device, doctorVox and the pocketVox to demonstrate these amazing devices and explain why EVERY singer should use one in their daily vocal routine!


Now is your chance to attend a three-hour workshop event with Jaime on your day of choice- October 7th, 8th, or 9th at Natural Voice Perfection (Music school owned by Sonia Lachowolska and Kasia Godzisz) Basztowa street, Cracow, Poland… as well as book a private lesson with Jaime Vendera!.


You will also want to attend Dr. Denizoglu’s amazing workshop, “The Scientific Secrets of Singing” on October 9th!



* Vocal Strength & Fitness Masterclass – Jaime Vendera – 320 PLN

*Individual consult with Jaime – 400PLN/30 minutes

*Scientific Secrets of Singing Voice Workshop – Ilter Denizoglu – 200 PLN

*Rehabilitation of Voice  (for vocal coaches only)- Ilter Denizoglu – 100 PLN

*Individual lesson with Sonia Lachowolska – 200PLN/hour

*Individual lesson with Kasia Godzisz – 200PLN/hour


***In order to register, please contact sekretariat@kisw.edu.pl for more information, or call +48 606 26 76 34.


*Pricing displayed in Polish currency. Please use a currency convertor to check conversion rate.



Bestselling author and vocal coach to the stars, Jaime Vendera shares his secret vocal techniques in his Vocal Strength and Fitness workshops that he has used to guide stars such as James Labrie (Dream Theater) to achieving their ultimate vocal potential.


“I’ve been studying with Jaime Vendera for some time now and I can honestly say that he’s shown me things vocally that I never really thought about. His book Raise Your Voice Second Edition is a wealth of knowledge and his approach to vocal coaching has helped me to improve my voice. This tour has been amazing; my voice is better than ever. I value Jaime’s wisdom and friendship.”

—James Labrie-Dream Theater


“I have known Jamie Vendera for a few years now. He has become one of the best and well respected Vocal Instructors in the business. What sets him apart from many is the fact that he really cares about the art of singing. He is extremely passionate about what he does. While on tour, he came out to see me perform with Alter Bridge. Unfortunately, I was so sick it was rough making it through the set. It looked as if we were going to have to cancel the next show. Jaime spent some time giving me some tips that helped me regain my voice and by the next night, I was able to perform the show. He is fantastic!”

—Myles Kennedy-Alter Bridge


Jaime has fast-become one of the most sought-after vocal coaches worldwide for increasing vocal range, improving vocal stamina, and mastering extreme singing techniques for screaming and a wide variety of distorted vocal sounds.


From Universal Records to Atlantic, from Epic to Cash Money Records, artists from these record companies have sought Mr. Vendera’s guidance by private lesson and through his dozens of products he has produced for singers, including:


*The critically acclaimed vocal training manuals, Raise Your Voice 1 & 2, SingFit, and The Ultimate Breathing Workout.

*The #1 vocal training app in the world-Tuned XD.

*The online school for performing/recording artists-Vendera Vocal Academy.


Jaime has written and produced over 60 books and audio/video training programs for singers, appeared on more than 50 television shows worldwide, including MythBusters and Superhuman Showdown to demonstrate his amazing glass shattering ability and his proprietary vocal techniques, and worked with dozens of signed rock and pop stars to prepare their voices for the road.



Dr. Denizoglu is one of the most respected ENTs in the world who specializes in singing professionals. After studying medicine in Ege University Faculty of Medicine, and otolaryngology head and neck surgery in Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine Otolaryngology Department; Dr. Denizoglu decided to pursue a career in phoniatrics. His medical practice is mainly on phonosurgery and voice therapy. He is an amateur singer and interested in music in almost every field (Singing pedagogy, musical acoustics). His ongoing studies for Biophysics (PhD candidate) and Audiology Voice and Speech Disorders (MSc candidate) are part of his enthusiasm about completing the whole picture of human voice in the name of basic, clinical and pedagogical vocology fields. He has prepared the curriculum for Pedagogical Vocology lesson and has been delivering the lectures in three universities’ singing schools since 2008. He has devised microlaryngeal surgical instruments, new projects and devices for voice therapy and training of professional voice such as Laryngoaltimeter ( a device for laryngeal elevation during singing), Vocal Posturometer (a device preventing bad posture during singing) and NIPA (Negative Inertance Phonation Apparatus).


He has been studying on LaxVox Voice Therapy Technique for over a decade and developed new clinical and pedagogical applications about the technique after several thousands of patients and professional vocal performers. He is the inventor of doctorVOX Voice Therapy and Vocal Training device which provides voice therapy and vocal training in a unique form. doctorVOX works as a resonance tube and semi-occluded vocal tract tool simultaneously. It is the ultimate sportive training tool for the vocal athlete. doctorVOX also provides vocal humidification in a unique form. Dr Denizoglu’s latest invention is pocketVOX (which was supported by Jaime Vendera) a new practical device for vocal training and voice therapy.

Dr. Denizoglu has been giving training workshops in pedagogical vocology for singers and singing teachers; clinical vocology for speech therapists and phoniatricians. In his latest workshop ‘Scientific Secrets of Singing Voice’, Dr. Denizoglu will cover a wide variety of professional voice related subjects which will shed light onto the dark side of the magic of singing. Among the topics, include:


*Diaphragmatic Breath: How and why?

*Primal Sound: The hidden treasure in us!

*Posture: Noble feeling; but why?

*Training with the new pocketVOX: Muscle specific exercises


Singing on stage is a risky business and perhaps this is why it is amazing. A professional vocal performer is supposed to minimize the risks on stage and scientific knowledge can help. This also will decrease the time needed for the development of a stage performer. Do not afraid of knowledge, it is your navigator; own it, use it but on stage, forget everything and enjoy…


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