Improve Your Stage Presence! –

Improve Your Stage Presence!

Many of you know I have been busy creating vocal instructional videos for the last few years for my “Beyond the Voice” series. The reason I started creating videos was to help singers who would email me with questions about books like, “Raise Your Voice.” I decided it was best to bring my books to life via video. The first two videos, “Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up” (2011) and “Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout” (2012) are now being followed up with the third video, “Beyond Stage Presence” for 2013. Why skip ahead and not cover my vocal exercises first? Because of the demand. I’ve had tons of requests to explain how to improve the singer’s stage performance, overcome stage fright, learn stage moves, etc. Since I’ve prepared my singers via video instruction to have the ultimate vocal warm up and gave all my singers the ultimate breathing workout exercises, it’s time to present singers with the ultimate stage performance guide!

In “Beyond Stage Presence” I’ve compiled a unique, yet simple stage presence training system based on four principles: Practice, Preparation, Presentation, and Participation. In this third video, you’ll learn how to practice before the gig, prepare for the show, present your songs to the audience, and create a show that allows both you and your band to participate with the audience during the gig! As well, you’ll learn all the tips, tricks, and tactics you need to wow your audience.


Don’t fret, we will have a vocal workout video to you soon, as I’m already filming with Sean Daniel (Sean Daniel Media) for two more “Beyond the Voice” videos. We will release these two videos in 2014, maybe more:) But, for now, you have the tools for the ultimate vocal warm up, improving your breathing and support, and now, the best tools for becoming the ultimate front man. Show me that you’re beyond the voice you’ve ever imagined possible. Show me you have amazing stage presence:) Show me you’re digging the “Beyond the Voice” series at!

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