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What would happen if Indiana Jones were a Raging Alcoholic???

I’ll tell you what would happen…Caesar Guevara…

For those of you who know me, I do much more than teach voice. My brain is like a 7/11 store, always open. So, for me to unload the tons and tons of creative ideas that bubble up from the depths of my brain, I convinced my book designer, Daniel Middleton, to start a fiction publishing company with me. We dubbed it 711 press, after books we each had written about writing; 7 Points of Write and 11 Simple Steps.

Our first venture into writing came when we helped conceptualize an archaeological/metaphysical adventure called, The Crisis Artifact which features a down on his luck archaeologist named Caesar Guevara. Unfortunately, the world is coming to an apocalyptic end, something Caesar had foreseen years earlier, but in his current state, he could care less. Thankfully, things unfold that lead Caesar on a whirlwind path around the globe when he is presented with a series of tasks that only he can accomplish in order to stop the massive cataclysms that are beginning to occur, including earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, violent storms, and more.

Through this first book, we see a broken man, faced with the guilt of the death of his only daughter and the end of his marriage, come back to life as his body is made a metaphysical weapon in control of all the elements.

Considering my mind can never stop with just one story idea, Daniel and I, along with authors, James LaFleur and Gordon Massie turned The Crisis Artifact into a 3-part series, The Crisis Trilogy, following up the first book with The Chaos Pendulum and ending the series with The Catastrophe Scroll. As well, each book has a mini story in between each book which you can only read online, thus connected a few missing dots in this thrilling trilogy, which takes you across the globe, deep into the sands of Egypt, to an underwater world in the Bermuda triangle, into the blue hole of Belize, to the volcanoes of Hawaii, and even a million years back in time.

Singers, this may seem out of place here in this blog, but we all need something to ease our minds, and I find that reading is a great avenue for musicians not only to unwind but to also recharge their creative batteries. So, check out The Crisis Trilogy HERE. I promise you won’t regret it.

What, no time to read a 500 page book??? No worries, we NEVER write 500 pagers, not even 400, 300, or 200 page books. We write and publish “Movie Books” which are books that can be read in the same time it takes to watch a movie! Surely you have 2-3 hours to take your mind on a wild ride! So, check it out, and let me know what you think about the bizarre mind of Jaime Vendera:)

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