FINALLY, a REAL warm up for Rock & Metal Singers!!! –

FINALLY, a REAL warm up for Rock & Metal Singers!!!

I have been receiving countless emails since I released my latest warm up program. So, to answer a few of your questions about this “unique” new warm up routine, let me step back in time….I remember my first voice lesson at the age of 16 or 17. It was with an old piano teacher. She was a very nice lady, and although she did enlighten me to a new way of breathing (the correct way) I was still bored to death with the lessons. So, I eventually sought my own way. But, I must admit, some of the exercises I have practiced over the years were a mental struggle just to get through them, because they were sooooo boring.

Over the past few years, even as a vocal coach, I began to question why, as a beginning student, though I practiced vocal scales like a maniac, did I hate my warm up exercises so much? I shared my thoughts with a friend of mine, (my production partner for the Extreme Scream Series). He suggested the simplest explanation, one that I already knew, that maybe those old major scales taught to me had eventually become too dang boring and caused me to lose interest in the moment during the actual exercise, only leaving me yearning for the end of the routine! So, together, he and I formulated a plan to devise a warm up routine that was unique, fun, exciting, and presented in such a way that it got your heart racing even before you hit the stage. Thus, The Rock & Metal Singer’s Vocal Warm Up Routine was born…

Following in the footsteps of the Extreme Scream programs, we decided on two major factors that must be present in this new warm up:

1. Considering a lot of rock & metal songs are based out of minor scales, this warm up routine had to be based out of minor keys as well.
2. To keep it fun, we’d base each exercise around a music track. No sense in using piano scales. Been there, done that!

As well, I also wanted to create new warm ups that were different than my typical warm up exercises. After much debate and the testing over a dozen exercises, I decided on seven exercises to create a minimal time-consuming warm up. Here are the names of each exercise and a very brief explanation:

1. The Bubble Gargle- This exercise combines my Lip Bubble and Gargling Tone exercises.
2. The Straw Flow Warm Up- I show you how to use a straw and bottle of water to warm up the voice and eliminate hoarseness.
3.The Pharyngeal Fire Exercise- A unique exercise that will unlock your pharyngeal “glass breaking” tone.
4. The 5 X 5 Workout- This exercise is a five vowel/five pattern monster!
5. The Consonant Crusher- The first tongue twister warm up based on tone producing consonants.
6. The Double Do-Re-Mi’s- Our childhood Do-Re-Mi pattern on a minor scale played TWICE per pitch to unlock your breathing.
7. The Woh-Yay Wail- A Rebel Yell frame of mind exercise as your last warm up before hitting the stage.

As well, since I AM a writing freak, I slapped together a free eBook that goes along with this program, so that you fully understand my approach to vocal technique, each exercise, and as a bonus, learn my unique way to also use this program for a “cool down” after your gig. So, if you’re tired of old boring piano scales and are ready to have a blast when you warm up your voice, check out The Rock & Metal Singer’s Vocal Warm Up Routine HERE.

It was about time that Rock & Metal Singer’s got their own unique vocal scales!!!

Rock and Metal Singers Vocal Warm Up Routine

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