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Fall is here…Time for Superior Vocal Health

Back in 2000 as September crept upon me, I started to notice an itch in my throat that lingered for days. Days turned into weeks and fear set in. Nodes, possibly? I had to know. So I visited my ENT and requested he use an endoscope to review the condition of my vocal cords- that horrid little camera that goes up your nose and down your throat to examine the vocal cords. Upon looking at my vocal cords, the doctor said to his nurse, “Sheila, come here, you’ve got to see this…” My fears were confirmed, my voice was finished, my vocal coaching career was over, my life as a singer had ended, but then he added, “Aren’t these the most beautiful vocal cords you’ve ever seen!”

I was relieved to know that my voice was fine and to learn that cause cause of irritation was simply the change in weather playing havoc on my sinuses and voice. Many singers suffer from seasonal allergies and there are tons of tips in my book Raise Your Voice that can help you survive the allergy months. But as I write this, I realized that even the health section in my own book is subject to growth. Case in point, I was introduced to a company called Superior Vocal Health which features a liquid herbal product line for singers and speakers created by singer David Aaron Katz. Since I am always on the lookout for new products to test for my students, Superior Vocal Health was a line I was very interested in testing, especially for my own self as well.

So, I contacted David and tested his products. First hand, I knew they were amazing after I had used them in the Spring of 2012 while traveling to China for several television shows. I kept in my travel bag a bottle of Superior Vocal Health Throat Saver Spray, Sinus Clear Out liquid drops, and Vocal Rescue gargle. The countless hours of flights combined with the allergy season and China fog was a little taxing on my voice to say the least. But, with my Superior Vocal Health products in hand, my voice was kept in perfect condition. I can honestly say that partially in thanks to these products my live show in China, shattering three glasses within seconds of each other, was my best performance to date.

I was so impressed with the Superior Vocal Health line that I had many conversations with David, picking his brain on the subjects of singing and vocal health. Through these conversations, I discovered that he had an idea for a book. Needless to say, I can pull a book out of anyone, and that’s just what I did with David, ha-ha. Acting as a second pair of eyes, I was privy to watch Superior Vocal Health unfold, as David passionately wrote about the subject, including the sharing of his own trials and tribulations as he searched for ways to improve his own health and voice, to the best herbal combinations for literally combating early every vocal health issue you can imagine. Now, through his book, Superior Vocal Health, his knowledge to keep the voice in top shape is available to all.

If you’re suffering from the Fall allergies and you’re a singer, you will want to check out David’s website, superiorvocalhealth.com. In fact, anyone who uses their voice regardless of whether you’re a speaker, announcer, lawyer, telephone operator, school teacher, the list is endless- your voice will greatly benefit from David’s book and product line.

To purchase Superior Vocal Health products and/or the book, go to superiorvocalhealth.com.

To purchase the Superior Vocal Health ebook, go to VenderaPublishing.com.

Print copies may be also purchased throughout the world through all book outlets.

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