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Extreme Scream 2: Grit & Rasp is here!!! Get it at ScreamingLessons.com!!!

The most anticipated vocal training lesson for singers, lead screamers, low growlers and metal heads is finally here! Screaminglessons.com is proud to announce the release of Extreme Scream Volume #2: Grit & Rasp Vocal Techniques—taught by world-renowned vocal coach Jaime Vendera (Dream Theater, Alter Bridge, Nitro, more.)

9 months in the making, this intense 30-minute lesson is packed with proven grit/rasp vocal techniques and tips that will show you how to properly apply “heat” to your vocals in the style of Metallica, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains…without damaging your voice.

Back by popular demand for this lesson is Jaime’s student Brian Kelly (Severed Chains) who, along with Jaime and his band, will show you how to add “low grit”, “midrange grit”, “smoky/breathy grit”, “grunge grit”, “blues growls” and more to any rock /metal singing or screaming performance for maximum effect & flavor.

As in Extreme Scream Volume #1, this lesson will NOT be teaching you vocal scales. Instead, you’ll be practicing along with Jaime to a kickass metal music soundtrack which makes learning Jaime’s vocal techniques fun & easy.

Long considered one of the ‘holy grail’ techniques of singing/screaming, grit can instantly transform a boring “ho hum” vocal performance into “holy sh*t, did you hear that?” performance. And in this amazing lesson, Jaime & Brian break down all the misconceptions about grit & rasp and reveal the fundamental secrets and key ingredients that can help you effectively (and safely) transform your own vocal performances into scorching-hot, chainsaw-ripping, muffler-rumbling, grit masterpieces.

Whether you are a rock singer or a metal screamer, the grit/rasp techniques discussed in this lesson can be applied to any style of music you sing or scream.

Extreme Scream Volume #2: Grit & Rasp Vocals is a 30 minute downloadable MP3 lesson that comes with a bonus outtakes video and an Extreme Scream II cheat-sheet for quick reference of the secrets to mastering each type of grit & rasp Jaime discusses.

For the next few days, you can get this brand new lesson from Jaime HERE for only $19.99 instead of the $24.99 suggested retail price. Download it now and start learning immediately!

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