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Drinking Air & Breathing Water

As a vocal coach, two of the utmost important factors that I’ve always impressed upon my students is the importance of drinking water and re-learning the natural way of breathing. Over the years, I’ve received numerous comments from singers telling me how increasing their water intake has affected their vocal cords, making their voices feel better and their pitch more pliable. As well, adjusting their breathing habits improved overall vocal quality. I’ve also received positive feedback from singers expressing their increased vocal stamina once they incorporated some sort of cardio exercise program.

My job as a voice-strengthening specialist is to keep my singers in top health to ensure night after night spot on performances while on the road Realizing much of my success stemmed from the simplest of things, such as change in breathing and increased water intake, I decided to write a booklet to make the simplest of things even simpler, thus The Air & Water Diet was born. This booklet was/is intended as the third book in my vocal recovery series, the first two books being, Voice RX and Vocal RESET. Each booklet is roughly 20 pages long, straight-forward guidance to recover and rebuild the voice. The Air & Water Diet is a quick, easy-to-follow system for singers and musicians alike to help regain some of that natural energy of their youth so they may use it on stage; energy that’s lost because of shallow breathing and dehydration.

As I wrote and rewrote this booklet, it quickly morphed into more of a layman’s guide to enhancing over-all energy through air & water concepts. However, I must state that I am NOT a health guru, personal trainer, or alternative health professional. I am far from it. I’m just a coach who pays attention to their students, and after dozens of singers tell you how they begin feeling healthier, more energetic, and can sing easier, after increasing their water intake, changing their breathing habits, and of course, mastering their vocal technique through a series of my exercises, it made me think that this approach may work well for anyone wishing to enhance their energy levels and boost their metabolism. So, I did purposely direct this book towards anyone who wishes to reap the benefits of better breathing and more water.

While this book is intended for singers, it doesn’t read like it, as it reads like another health book. Rest assured, if, as a singer (or musicians) you follow the simple steps in this book, both your voice, and your body will thank you. In ending, this is NOT a diet, but a new way of life. Live it, learn it, love it, and you’ll own the stage night after night.

You can learn more about The Air & Water Diet ebook HERE.

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*This book is not yet available in print. A compilation of Voice RX, Vocal RESET, and The Air & Water Diet will be released in print in 2013.

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