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Hello singers and speakers. Today is the day we launch to share the patented DoctorVox Vocal Strength Training Kit!

As many of you know, while filming on a television show in Japan in 2014, a glass shard  pierced the back of my throat as a wineglass exploded from the power of my voice. This accident led to vocal nerve damage, causing recurring throat pain and chronic hoarseness. 

What a nightmare for a vocal coach/singer. I lost quite a bit of range, power, and stamina, noticed my tonal quality diminishing, and had much less control of how my voice came out of my body. I’ve never been so scared or depressed in my life, but I was much more fearful of the surgical options I was presented with as a way to “recover” from the accident.

I decided against surgery in fear of worse complications. Instead, I  searched for an alternative to surgery. That is how I discovered Dr. Ilter Denizoglu’s DoctorVox device; a glass vocal therapy device for singers and speakers. It is now the one constant in my life that alleviates the recurring pain caused by my nerve damage.  

While I loved my DoctorVox device, I was afraid I’d break it. So, I convinced Dr. Denizoglu to create a silicone version of the main functioning top piece of his glass therapy device, one that could fit in a singer’s back pocket. Thus, the pocketVox was born.

Curious as to how it would help singers, I began training many of my students with this tool…I cannot believe the amazing results. Better tone and intonation, increased range, and improved stamina were a few of the “side effects.”

Countless singers have benefitted in so many amazing ways, from faster and more effective warmup sessions, to improved vocal cord closure, to enhanced vocal range, tone, and power, as well as alleviating focal fatigue when a singer has over-worn their voice. I’ve even received messages that some have fully recovered from nodules and chronic hoarseness without surgery.

So it seems that from my vocal tragedy came something beautiful to help improve the voice! It truly is a singer’s secret weapon!

Being thankful for my creative input and drive, Dr. Denizoglu worked with me to create a complete toolkit, The DoctorVox Vocal Strength Training Kit, featuring the pocketVox, a bottle, a singing mask, and bonus Vox tube. 

As well, we wrote the book, Rebalance Your Voice together to explain how to use this singer’s secret weapon!

To complete the kit, I’ve also created six bonus training mp3s and three training videos, with more to come.

Today at 11am, I launch with my student, now business partner Brian Burkheiser, lead singer for I Prevail. Brian bought his first Vox and hired me for vocal training when he discovered an interview on YouTube that I had conducted with Dr. Denizoglu discussing the benefits of DoctorVox.

Not only did his voice recover from training and using the Vox, but his range increased and he tapped into vocal stamina he’d never experienced before. His passion for training and love of the DoctorVox Vocal Strength Training Kit lead to our partnership.

Now we have a major life goal-to share this wonderful kit with millions of voices around the world to help each speaker and singer overcome any vocal hurdles and strengthen the voice in order for ever speaker and singer reach their full voice potential!

The VOX is your new secret weapon! Join us today at to obtain your secret weapon and begin unlocking your full vocal potential!

PS- Just to show you how passionate I am about helping singers, we created a DoctorVox exercise section on the website where anyone (purchase or note) can download for free!

Here’s to building your best voice ever!

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