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Extreme Scream 2: Grit & Rasp is here!!! Get it at ScreamingLessons.com!!!

The most anticipated vocal training lesson for singers, lead screamers, low growlers and metal heads is finally here! Screaminglessons.com is proud to announce the release of Extreme Scream Volume #2: Grit & Rasp Vocal Techniques—taught by world-renowned vocal coach Jaime Vendera (Dream Theater, Alter Bridge, Nitro, more.) 9 months in the making, this intense 30-minute […]

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Don’t Cough, Don’t Sneeze, Don’t Clear Your Throat.

How I hate how this continual changing of the weather from one extreme to the other. For singers, it can lead to some discomfort. If you allow your immune system to run low, it may cause the sniffles, the scratchies, or the sand paper voice box. In other words, it can lead to colds, sinus […]

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My good friend, David Katz singing the Star Spangled Banner

Superior Vocal health owner (superiorvocalhealth.com) David Aaron Katz proves how vocal technique is valid by singing the Star Spangled Banner at a hockey game. Rock on David! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

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Vendera’s Review-Portable Vocal Booth Pro by Editors Keys

The life of a glass shattering vocal coach is a constant whirlwind. With eight new vocal books, ten vocal videos, several new projects for screaminglessons.com and recording my first record currently all in production, it is tough for me to do many reviews. But this is one that needed to be out there! With all the […]

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I woke up with a sore throat…then I kicked it’s arse…well, almost.

Phew, there’s nothing worse for a singer than waking up with a sore throat. I’m not talking about one of those hoarse voices from shouting or singing incorrectly. I’m talking about that turn of the season cold, with a  raw throat and stuffy sinuses kind of sore throat. But, when I woke up in the […]

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