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Vendera’s Review-Portable Vocal Booth Pro by Editors Keys

The life of a glass shattering vocal coach is a constant whirlwind. With eight new vocal books, ten vocal videos, several new projects for screaminglessons.com and recording my first record currently all in production, it is tough for me to do many reviews. But this is one that needed to be out there! With all the […]

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Is your Vocal Coach ripping you off?

I had to write about this subject, because I am flat out tired of students coming to me who’ve been studying with another coach for years, yet they still lack the basic universal vocal techniques. With that said, I am NOT referring to any teacher in particular. This is simply based on the comments I’ve […]

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Vendera Reviews: Strong Songwriting by Morgan Cryar

Strong Songwriting (by Morgan Cryar) How to write songs that grab listeners and launch careers    *This review comes to you from my dear friend,  Melanie Griggs*     Over the years, I’ve searched for songwriting books to help me improve my craft. I’ve checked out a variety of songwriting books but never quite finished […]

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Win free voice lessons, products, etc…

My friend John Janousek has recently started a website called buildabettervoice.com. With the launch, myself and owner of superiorvocalhealth.com. David Katz are offering bonuses and discounts. Go to the Vocal Health link on http://www.buildabettervoice.com to check out their products. Right now, save 10% on all Superior Vocal Health products. Simply enter the code SAVEVOICE at […]

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I woke up with a sore throat…then I kicked it’s arse…well, almost.

Phew, there’s nothing worse for a singer than waking up with a sore throat. I’m not talking about one of those hoarse voices from shouting or singing incorrectly. I’m talking about that turn of the season cold, with a  raw throat and stuffy sinuses kind of sore throat. But, when I woke up in the […]

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