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iPhone and iPad Apps for Singers

Today, I’d like to offer a piece of advice that I think all singers will find of great benefit- how to take advantage of the latest iPad and iPhone apps available for singers. Let’s start with a little stroll down my personal memory lane so that you full understand why and how apps can be […]

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The TC Helicon NOVA system

This blog is actually from my guitarist, Scott Stith. In 2010, Scott and I performed on German television and toured Bahrain and Australia supporting my vocal workshop tour. During that tour, we had the support of Blue Microphones, TC Helicon and TC Electronics. So, Scott decided to post his thought’s on TC Electronics’ amazing NOVA […]

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What gear do you need to teach music online?

I’ve taught online via Skype for years now and have been asked many times about what audio/video/music gear I use for teaching, so I figured I’d share my teaching setup. To give the student the best experience possible, I make sure that my student can easily hear and see me. I also record the lesson […]

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My Secret Weapon for AMAZING three-part harmonies

Let me start by saying that this blog is loooong. Probably the longest I’ve ever written, but hang in there with me because I believe you’ll walk away with lots of value, or else I wouldn’t have been so long winded, haha… I am going to share a little secret with you that I don’t […]

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