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Extreme Scream 2: Grit & Rasp is here!!! Get it at!!!

The most anticipated vocal training lesson for singers, lead screamers, low growlers and metal heads is finally here! is proud to announce the release of Extreme Scream Volume #2: Grit & Rasp Vocal Techniques—taught by world-renowned vocal coach Jaime Vendera (Dream Theater, Alter Bridge, Nitro, more.) 9 months in the making, this intense 30-minute […]

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Cujo taught me how to scream…and I’ve been rocking ever since

Being a vocal coach, over the years I’ve learned the trends and figured out what students want. Singers want range, they want power, they want stamina…but many, and I mean many of them want to know how to scream without shredding their throat. I’ve discovered that it doesn’t matter what style you sing, whether pop, […]

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