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I’m loving my iRig Pro I/O

Hello singers, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about IK Multimedia. In truth, it’s not because I don’t still love the company. I just haven’t needed any new equipment for some time. Well, the time for new equipment is now, and I want to tell you about my latest purchase, the iRig Pro I/O, […]

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iPhone and iPad Apps for Singers

Today, I’d like to offer a piece of advice that I think all singers will find of great benefit- how to take advantage of the latest iPad and iPhone apps available for singers. Let’s start with a little stroll down my personal memory lane so that you full understand why and how apps can be […]

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SampleTank for iPhone/iPod touch now available from IK Multimedia

For those of you who know me, I’m a big IK Multimedia supporter. This company makes great products for PC, Ipad and iPhone users. Now that are bringing you a new app that I guarantee all you music creators will want to have in your app collection: The first pro-quality sound and groove module for […]

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