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Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout

Hello friends, Jaime Vendera here. Now that the election is over, we can discuss another important matter-singing, ha-ha. All jokes aside, today I want to focus on something as important as singing- your breathing. As you know, air is the singer’s fuel and how well we utilize our fuel will decide whether we can sing all night long and sustain endless notes, or end up falling short at the end of every other vocal line, gasp for the high notes, lose vocal power, and blow our voices out before the end of the night. Luckily, many of you know how serious I take breathing, especially with my Ultimate Breathing Workout exercises, which have helped many singers build serious breath power. Many of you can already attest to this fact, having mastered the Ultimate Breathing Workout by studying my book. In fact, many singers who’ve used my exercises have told me personally how they’ve heard gig after gig, “WOW, that singer has a serious set of lungs!” 

Still, I’ve been asked questions about my breathing exercises over the years from singers wondering if they were performing each exercise correctly. I understand how tough it can be to learn from a book, so I decided to release a video which thoroughly explains my breathing exercises. Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout, Video #2 from my Beyond the Voice series, is a short, but concise 25-minute instructional video which covers the main nine exercise breathing system from my book, The Ultimate Breathing Workout, as well as explains the Applied Breathing Isometrics and Breath Builder exercises, and shows you an easy way to use the PTD-1 Breath trainer daily. 

We shot this video outdoors on a beautiful day so that I could explain these exercises while filling up on a fresh, clean tank of air because I felt that the open air would help to set the scene and make this lesson enjoyable. In my opinion, Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout is a fun, whimsical, wannabe Zen-like way to make sure you’re doing your breathing exercises correctly. I hope you enjoy learning from this instructional video just as much as I enjoyed filming it. So, if you need more Ultimate Breathing Workout guidance, something that takes you beyond the pages of The Ultimate Breathing workout, and you’re ready to become a breathing machine, check out Video #2 in the Beyond the Voice series at

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